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Leaving Her Mark: Women of Rockland

2020 Women of Rockland
May 03, 2020 —October 31, 2025

The Historical Society of Rockland County Invites You to the Virtual Opening of

Leaving Her Mark: 20 Notable Women in Rockland's History
A Virtual Exhibition Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage

Where: Online at LEAVING HER MARK

Twenty years ago, the Historical Society of Rockland County highlighted the contributions of Rockland’s unique and diversely talented women from the 18th century through the 21st century in an exhibition titled “Leaving Her Mark: Contributions of Rockland's Women.” From suffrage to medicine, the women featured in the exhibition overcame challenges to accomplish their goals. “Leaving Her Mark” honored their strength, dedication, and perseverance.

Hundreds of women were worthy of inclusion in the exhibition for their remarkable accomplishments. Starting today, and over the coming weeks via social media, we will highlight twenty as a sampling of what Rockland’s women have achieved over the past three centuries. Whether they championed a cause or are fighting to make a difference, the women featured in LEAVING HER MARK left their mark on the social history of our county.

When your read their stories, look for the obstacles they faced—and conquered.

We welcome your comments, questions, and, most of all, suggestions of Rockland women you believe should be included. Email us at [email protected]!

Our 20 for the 2020s!
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Mollie Sneden (1708-1810) Dr. Martha MacGuffie (1924-2011)
Jane Colden (1724-1766) Dr. Susan Gordon (1924-2016)
Cynthia Hesdra (1808-1879 Jacqueline Holland (1925-2007)
Dr. Virginia Davies (1862-1949) Georgine Hyde (1925-2015)
Mary Mowbray-Clarke (1874-1962) Dr. Stella Marrs (1927-2020)
Caroline Lexow Babcock (1882-1980) Kathleen Lukens (1931-1998)
Alexandra Tolstoy (1884-1979) Dr. Frances Pratt
Helen Hayes (1900-1993) Dr. Arlene Clinkscale
Isabelle Savell (1905-1988) Hon. Harriet Cornell
Belle Zeck (1919-2006) Ileana Eckert


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