This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of February 24

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February 22, 1873 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       The Rockland Central Railway has bought of Dr. I. H. Bartow about six acres of land at Tappan, upon which it is supposed the depot buildings will be located. The price was $3,000.
       Jacob Siebert, of Nyack, has bought about one acre of land, in the village of Tappan, of James Bartow. Price, $2,300. Mr. Siebert is now fitting up a store upon the premises intended for the sale of boots and shoes

February 24, 1923 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Times

       Louis Hoyt, whose fame as a driver of racing cars requires no elaboration from our pen, set up a record on Wednesday when he drove his Dusenberg racer over the smooth ice opposite Nyack at a speed averaging 114 miles an hour.
       At one of the spurts around the oval Hoyt failed to slow down quite enough for the turn. He was heading out from the shore as he began the turn, and the smooth surface did not hold his tire. In a flash he was hurtling sideways, the wheels throwing clouds of snow into the air that almost hid the car. The car skidded toward the open water making two or three complete turns inside the snow cloud, when it seemed that Hoyt was doomed at least to a ducking. He straightened the car out and came past the shore line waving his hand.
       After spinning about the ice for possibly an hour, out of consideration for protests coming from several of the citizens of Nyack, he was obliged to desist. There are a good many ill in both Piermont and Nyack and the roar of the motors disturbed them so that members of their families went to the shore to ask Hoyt to quit.

CHASED WITH REVOLVER — Stony Point Bus Driver Has Thrilling Adventure
       Coming down from Stony Point Saturday afternoon when near Treason House, Mr. Mort Decker, driving his bus in an effort to get out of a rut, side-swiped a car going in the opposite direction.
       From what we have been able to learn Mr. Decker, not thinking he had caused any damage, proceeded on his way. The driver of the other car stopped, and getting out of his car ran after the Stony Point bus flourishing a revolver. He ran for possibly a distance of 100 feet when he turned back to his car, and drove away.
       Eye witnesses to the affair, among whom were passengers in the bus, say it was a very exciting experience and fortunately it ended without any serious results.

February 24, 1973 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

[Image: Arnold Giles is arts and crafts instructor for Desiree Taylor (center) and Ann Miller, February 1973.]
       A child’s dream come true.
       A day at school with nothing scheduled but recess and lunch, and maybe a field trip or a movie. But no classes.
       That’s what the students at North Main Street Elementary School in Spring Valley call a real holiday, and they’ve been enjoying their holiday all week.
       For the third year, the Rockland group of the National Council of Jewish Women, the Town of Ramapo, and the Village of Spring Valley have combined forces and organized a recreation program for the children in the Ramapo 2 school district, in grades 3 through 6, during their winter vacation.
       Program director, Hannibal E. Holmes, Jr., coordinator of school-community projects, says that this year more children than ever were participating in the fun. “We’ve added a lot of new activities,” commented Holmes.
       “The thing that makes this program a success,” Holmes added, “is the endorsement and support we get from various local groups. The Spring Valley Rotary Club, the Kiwanians, the Knights of Pythias, The Monsey Lions, Fred Driscoll of Dalely Tire Co., and the Montvale Rotarians all help out, and Bader’s Hotel, Rubenfeld’s Monsey Park Hotel, and Lo Tor Skating Rink, have always made their facilities available to the children for this program.”

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