This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of May 26

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May 24, 1873 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

    Some sacrilegious scoundrel, whom hanging would be too good for, tore up by the roots and mutilated nearly all the choice shrubs, and flowers on the burial plot of Edward G. Towt, in Oak Hill Cemetery, on Monday last.

       On Tuesday afternoon, while the performances were taking place in the circus tent, the house of E. S. Babcock, on High Avenue, nearly opposite, was entered through a back window and jewelry and plated ware to the value of about $150 stolen therefrom.  The jewelry in a great part consisted of mementos of friendship and there fore was prized far above its intrinsic value by the family.  Mr. Babcock was at his business in New York and the rest of the household were witnessing the performances at the circus. In view of the fact that a certain class of prowlers, intent upon mischief, most generally follow these exhibitions in their travels over the country, would it not be well for our village authorities to have a special policeman or two deputed to watch proceedings whenever the excitement of a traveling show breaks in upon the quietude of the village?

May 26, 1923 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Times

[Image: Tsoukatos Advertisement, 1923]
       The Messrs. Tsoukatos have developed their ice cream, confectionary, and soda fountain business in order to get absolutely pure syrups, like the man out in the fields gathering the dandelion, are making their own. A small truck load of fresh Maryland strawberries was unloaded in front of the Tsoukatos establishment the other day to be utilized in the manufacture of absolutely pure crushed strawberry syrup and flavoring extracts. A member of the firm said it is the intention to make all their own syrup and extracts when good, wholesome fruit can be secured in season. The Maryland strawberries [are] said to possess a splendid flavor and [are] quite suitable, being mid-country product between the berries from the warm section of the Southern States along the Gulf, and the cold states, known as the Northern States.

May 26, 1973 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

[Image: Michele Parente, 1973]
       The walls of newsboydom, that erstwhile bastion of young male chauvinism, are crumbling fast. And as they crumble, so does the myth that The Journal-News newscarrier of the month has to be a boy.
       April's newscarrier of the month is a girl Michele Parente of 3 Lake Drive, Sparkill, a seventh grader at South Orangetown Junior High School.
       Michele is this newspaper's second girl newscarrier of the month. The first was Jennifer Johnson, last October's honored paper deliverer.
       There are now about 200 girls on the 100-member Journal-News paper delivery force—surely a sign that young coeds are stepping out of the cooking class into the hard world of paper hurlers.
       That is not entirely true of Michele, however. She belongs to her school's cooking club, and lists cooking along with swimming and collecting “oldies” records albums as her hobbies.
       Michele has been a carrier since last July. She has 44 customers in the Orangeburg Road-Valentine Avenue area of Sparkill, many of whom voluntarily wrote letters to the Journal-News praising her work. That is why she was chosen carrier of the month.
       Michele feels her paper carrying has taught her responsibility in money handling. It has also introduced her to a lot of people. “The people on my route, both men and women, are really nice,” she says.
       She spent some of her news delivery profits on a new wardrobe. Some she spent on presents for her family, and the rest she put in the bank to save up for a new 10-speed bike.
       Michelle’s newscarrier award is purely honorary, but it puts her in the running, with the 11 other monthly honorees, for the Westchester-Rockland Newspapers newscarrier of the year, awarded in September.
       That prize nets the winner a $100 U.S. savings bond and a weekend trip for three at a resort in New York. New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

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