This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of June 16

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June 14, 1873 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

    The Nyack water works gave out about the same time that the Tidal Wave got aground. Is the water getting scarce on land and sea?
    Since the first of this month the freight business of the N. R. & N. Y. Steamboat Company has been much more extensive than ever before.
    The beautiful villa of Rev. Mr. Mansfield, adjoining the Institute, is approaching completion. It will be one of the handsomest private residences in the county.
    The doors of the Tappan Zee House are thrown open today for the season of 1873. Nearly all the rooms have been engaged by guests of the highest respectability.
    We hear that an irrepressible conflict is imminent between our lager beer sellers who are vending without licenses and our excise board. We will bet on the latter every time.
    An error occurred in speaking of the Requiem Mass, on the morning of Decoration day, at Father Quinn’s church, in Piermont. The name of the church is St. John’s, not St. Ann’s,
    Work on Surrogate’s and Clerk’s office has been commenced by Messrs. Keesler & Conklin, of Haverstraw, who have been awarded the contract for building the same. It will cost $23,000.
    H. G. Knapp, architect, is progressing with the designs for the enlargement of the Institute in order to its becoming a college. They are in the best style of this talented young artist.

June 15, 1923 100 YEARS AGO
Pearl River News

[Image: Dexter Folder Buildings, ca. 1924. Courtesy of the Pearl River Public Library, via]
       A man will not work for one firm for twenty-five or thirty years unless he is both satisfied, himself, and is satisfactory to his employer.
       The same holds good relatively, of shorter terms of service which are continuing.
       It is interesting then, to hear of men who have remained “on the job” for long terms, and some such names are these taken from the payroll of the Dexter Folder Co. of this Town:
       Walter Butz … 25
       Frank Freeman … 20
       Christie Wood … 20
       Jos. McLaughlin … 5
       Allen Ramsay … 5
       Ed Ten Eyck … 5
       Eklund started May 9, 1893, and is now erector in the folder department.
       Butz started June 4, 1898. He was foreman for 22 years, and was then made inspector. He works in the feeder department.
       Freeman started in May of 1903; as also did Wood.
       The last three named, McLaughlin, Ramsay and Ten Eyck, began work in June of 1918, and are still in the shop, McLaughlin drill press; and Ten Eyck, pattern maker, in the storage rooms.
       The growth and development of Pearl River is largely a matter of a few recent years.
       What will the place be like if these men continue where they are for twenty-five years longer?

June 14, 1973 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       The Town of Clarkstown will buy an 18-acre park site adjacent to Lake Nanuet for an estimated $1 million. The town board voted Wednesday to acquire the land, which adjoins an 11-acre tract previously ceded to the town by builder John Knutsen. Knutsen is building a large subdivision, Clarkstown Estates, on land near the park. The proposed purchase ends speculation that Knutsen, who was aided by the town in the building of Clarkstown Estates, would donate the entire 29-acre park to Clarkstown. Town Supervisor William E. Vines declined to comment on whether an “arrangement” for the 18-acre portion had fallen through. All four town councilmen voted for the purchase, with Vines abstaining. Vines explained that he declined to vote because of previous business dealings with Knutsen. A recent grand jury indictment against the supervisor charges that he failed to disclose one of those business relationships. The town board authorized the issuance of capital notes to cover the down payment on the land, and serial notes to cover the balance.
       In other action, the board authorized purchase of 22,000 acres of sanitary landfill from the Equity Corporation of New Jersey. The board also voted to empower the supervisor to lend police department personnel and equipment to neighboring departments in emergencies. The board announced the appointment of Morton Leifer of New City as Clarkstown “electronic communications specialist.” Leifer, who was appointed with the approval of police chief John Ambrose, will install radios, lights, and sirens in town vehicles and will oversee monitoring systems in the new Clarkstown town hall. Leifer will receive $10,000 per year for a 25-hour work week. Communications work has in the past been bid out to private contractors.
       It was also announced that the third of three municipal swimming pools built during the Vines administration will be christened June 30 when the Germonds Park pool opens for bathing. The new facility is located on Germonds Road, West Nyack, on property formerly owned by the Traphagen family.

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