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  Vol. 67, No. 3 — July–September 2023


The Rocks of Rockland: The Other Stone Houses
The author, Carole Morrill, a former trustee of the Historical Society and of the West Pomona Community Center Association, was an ardent historic preservationist. She also served as the coordinator of East Ramapo's Little Red School House. She lived in Ramapo and wrote the article several years before her death in 2002. In that year, her articles "Pig Knoll: The Lives of a School" and "Walter and Louise Wilder: A Legacy" appeared in Volume 46, nos. 1 and 2, of South of the Mountains

Carrie Cropsey
A reprint of a delightful 1967 article by Lucie Glenn, a staff writer for The Journal News, about Jim Cropsey's aunt Carrie.

Remembering Jim Cropsey
Marianne B. Leese remembers staunch supporter of the Historical Society and lifelong Rockland resident James Cropsey.

COVER PICTURE: Postcard of Suffern Presbyterian Church, shortly after it was built in 1903. From the collection of Carole Morrill.

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