This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of October 6

2023-10-06 TWIR Image-Father of the Flag

October 4, 1873 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal


       In 1813, the flag of the United States was changed, at the suggestion of the Hon. P. H. Wendover, of New York. A return was made to the thirteen stripes, as it was anticipated the flag would become unwieldy should a stripe be needed on the admission of each new State. He also proposed the arrangement of all the stars into the form of a single star, The resolution of 1813 was as follows:
       Resolved, That from and after the Fourth of July, the flag of the United States be thirteen horizontal stripes, alternate white and red; that the union be twenty stars, white in a blue field, and that on the admission of a new state one star be added to the flag.

       The patriot, Wendover of old,
       suggested stripes, and stars of gold,
            For the true standard of the free.
       For when our infant nation bled,
       He saw the smoking streams of red,
       And the blue overhead—
            The emblem of fidelity.

       He saw the soft is gleaming through
       The radiant fields of azure hue,
            A gentle hint by nature given—
       To patriots pure and brave and wise,
       And copied from the glowing skies,
       The starry banner nature flies,
            The flag that God unfolds in Heaven.

       This statesman looked to God on high,
       And copied from the star-lit sky
            The beautiful and grand design.
       The RED is courage in the fight,
       And purity is stained the WHITE,
       The BLUE sprinkled with stars of light,
            Gives to our flag a light divine.

       The generations yet unborn,
       When they behold the streaks of morn,
            And the star glory of the night,
       Shall point with pride to one of old,
       Who filled our flag with stars of gold,
       And tide red the blazing fold
            With the broad lines of red and white.

       Though baptized in the battles blast,
       It waves today from from tower and mast,
            O, May it wave without surcease;
       The symbol of the brave and free,
       Like star-rise on a summer sea,
       Lighting our ship of destiny
            To centuries of hope and peace.

October 2, 1923 100 YEARS AGO
Nyack Evening Journal

COMMITTEE HAS ABSENT VOTERS AFFIDAVITS NOW — Voters Out of County May Vote by Mail Previous to Election Day
       The Rockland County Republican Women’s Executive Committee has for distribution supplies of absent voters’ affidavits.
       In order for a voter who will be away on election day to cast his or her vote, it is necessary to file an affidavit on the form which this committee has for distribution, with the Board of Elections at Haverstraw before October 20. A ballot will be sent by the Election commissioners to the absentee voter and may be returned by this voter to the Election commissioners and is then sent on election day to the district in which the absentee voter is registered and is counted at the close of the polls on election day.
       There is no need for anyone who will be away, for any purpose other than mere pleasure, to lose his or her vote under the present law.
       Absentee voters’ affidavits may be secured from: Mrs. O. A Bauer, Sparkill; Mrs. Herbert Straut, Pearl River; Mrs. A. H. Merritt, Spring Valley; Mrs. Helen F. McKelves, Suffern: Mrs. Margaret Washburn, Haverstraw; Mrs. Niela Thomsen, Stony Point; Mrs. Arthur S. Tompkins, Upper Nyack; Miss Natalie F.Couch, Nyack.

October 6, 1973 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Officials in Pinellas County, Fla., have begun a study of how Ramapo approaches community growth problems with an eye towards establishing a similar program of its own.
       The County Commission there has asked for a full report on Ramapo’s Master Plan. The Ramapo 15-point plan allots a builder a certain number of points for services he provides or advantages within his developments. If he cannot acquire 15 of the 23 points possible, then he will not be permitted to build.
       Ramapo’s controversial plan was implemented in 1969 and has since survived several court challenges. After receiving the full report on the Ramapo plan, Pinellas officials may invite Ramapo personnel to Florida to explain the techniques. according to the newspaper. the St. Petersburg Independent.
       The Pinellas county area is currently beset by water shortages, overburdened sewer plants. and runaway growth. and is in the eleventh week of a total building moratorium.

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