This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of December 15

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December 13, 1873 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       Our Ramapo correspondent furnishes us with the details of another lamentable occurrence which resulted from the careless use of firearms. He says that on the 6th inst., as George Maloy, Thomas Morgan and two or three small boys were returning in a wagon from Woodburn, they overtook Samuel Call and C. Andrews, who had been out hunting, and stopped the vehicle to give them a ride to Ramapo. Just as Samuel Call jumped in behind, the hammer of his gun struck the tail-board, and the contents of the gun were lodged in Thomas Morgan’s right side between the ribs and kidneys. They carried the wounded man home, but at last recounts he was rapidly sinking. It is another awful warning to handle firearms carelessly.

December 11, 1923 100 YEARS AGO
Pearl River News

LAST MINUTE NEWS: BURGLARS IN NANUET MAKE TWO VALUABLE HAULS — Break into Nanuet Garage and the Hutton Johnson Lumber Co.
       Some time during Monday night (Dec. 10) or Tuesday morning, burglars entered two stores in the heart of Nanuet and got away with cash and goods of a value unknown at this writing.
       Dynamite was employed to blow open the safe of the Nanuet Garage, the explosion being muffled so that it did not attract attention.
       The robbery was not discovered until the usual hour of opening on Tuesday morning.
       Besides money and valuable papers missing from the safe, various, and sundry auto supplies were taken, such as tires, which indicates that the burglars came in a car or cars.
       At the office of the Hutton & Johnson Lumber Co. two safes were dynamited and their contents rifled.
       Papers of value were removed, and sums of money including not only what belonged to the firm, but also employes’ cash left for safety.
       The police of all nearby towns were promptly notified by phone, and the hunt is on, which may bring the burglars into the net of the law, in spite of the lack of any strong clues in the physical evidence of these two bold burglaries.

December 13, 1973 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

[Image: Janice Rogan. Clipped from The Journal News.]
       Several Rockland County women will be among the estimated 112,000 people taking the first “unisex” qualifying examination for New York City police officers Saturday.
       The young women, students of criminal justice at Rockland Community College in Suffern, are seeking to join the eight to ten thousand new officers who will be walking beats, apprehending criminals and saving lives in New York City next year. Women serve alongside male officers under a new city ruling.
       Thomas Goldrick, dean of the criminal justice department at Rockland Community College, is in favor of women pursuing careers in criminal justice and law enforcement, but he has reservations about women working in situations where physical strength is needed.
       “A police officer must be able to deal with an unruly crowd, pull an accident victim from a car wreck, or subdue a drunk,” Goldrick says. “A woman in such a position could serve as a hindrance to the department, and a danger to herself.
       “But there is a side to police work that does not require this kind of action and physical capability, and in this type of work, there would be no difference in the effectiveness of a female or a male officer.”
       Goldrick also feels male police officers might be inclined to protect their female partners instead of reacting immediately to a dangerous situation. “It’s part of our culture to be protective of the so-called weaker sex,” he said. “This may be especially true of people who come into police work, who are quite often young men who want to provide a service to their community to protect people.
       “We really haven’t experimented enough. If women receive the same training as men, and meet the requirements for agility and strength, they might do well on a beat. I guess what I’m saying is that for the moment, in this transitional stage, women are going to have to prove themselves Maybe in the future girls will be brought up playing ball, and doing the same things boys do, and then they will be physically equivalent to men.”

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