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SOTM Contents: Jan-Mar 2024

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Vol. 68, No. 1 —  January–March 2024


New City in the Early 20th Century
In this article, Raymond A. Eberling addresses the question of what New City was like in the first three decades of the twentieth century, when his grandfather Frank Eberling was serving as the hamlet’s RFD mail carrier.

Naming of Roads and Settlements
Rockland County was largely rural until rapid development began in the 1950s. Many roads were unnamed, and place names once familiar to county residents are largely unknown today. Marianne B. Leese introduces and presents two letters written in 1931 to the editor of the Rockland County Leader that address the issue of historical road and settlement names of the county.

Notes about the Letter Writers
Brief biographies of our letter writers: the newspaperman Wilfred Blanch Talman (1904–1986) of Spring Valley and the writer and landscape architect Mary Helena Bothwell Horgan Mowbray-Clarke (1875–1962) of New City.

In Memoriam: Laurence “Pete” Beckerle

COVER PICTURE: The author’s grandparents Frank and Elsa Eberling on the day of their engagement, ca. 1907. They are standing at the top of the hill on New Hempstead Road near the home of Frank’s parents, Henry Eberling Jr. and Anna Fedelia (Morphet) Eberling. Raymond A. Eberling Collection

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