Crossroads of Rockland History: Spring Exhibitions

2024-04-15 Crossroads Image-Exhibitions

Spring Exhibitions at the HSRC and Orangetown Museum
This program originally aired on April 15, 2024. To listen, click here.

On this episode of Crossroads of Rockland History, we learned all about two new history exhibitions opening in April .

First, we explored “When This You See, Remember Me: Inscribed Quilts from Rockland County” at the Historical Society of Rockland County. The exhibition’s guest curator, Peggy Norris, a member of the American Quilt Study Group, Ridgewood (NJ) Historical Society, and Genealogical Society of Bergen County, discussed how, through the quilts, we can learn about local women, the times in which they lived, and their textile artistry.

For information, visit https://www.rocklandhistory.org/program.cfm?page=1114

Then we focused on “Creating Community 1950,” the new exhibition at the The Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives. Museum Director Mary Cardenas and Curator Elizabeth Skrabonja shared how a building, baby, and business boom exploded in Orangetown in the 1950s.

For information, visit https://www.orangetownmuseum.com


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The Historical Society of Rockland County is a nonprofit educational institution and principal repository for original documents and artifacts relating to Rockland County. Its headquarters are a four-acre site featuring a history museum and the 1832 Jacob Blauvelt House in New City, New York.


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