This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of June 21

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June 20, 1874 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       A temperance convention consisting of delegations from each of the churches and temperance associations in our county, has been called, under the auspices of the County Society of I. O. of G. T. [Independent Order of Good Templars], to consider the feasibility of united effort toward suppressing the liquor traffic, to meet in this village on Tuesday, the 30th inst.

       David Conklin, of Sufferns [sic], while examining his grapevines a few days since, was bitten in the hand by a copperhead or a Pilot snake secreted under the leaves. The arm began swelling to a considerable degree. A physician was immediately sent for who cauterized the wound and applied a poultice of sweet fern, and copious draughts of whiskey were also administered to counteract the poison. The treatment was successful, and at last accounts Mr. Conklin was doing very well.

June 19, 1924 – 100 YEARS AGO
Pearl River News

[Image: Charles “Jumbo” Strack. Courtesy of the Rockland County Sports Hall of Fame.]
       Charles “Jumbo” Strack of Spring Valley will contest in the Olympic games to be held in Paris. “Jumbo” has been a wrestler since his early school days. He is now a student at Colgate University and following the elimination contests it was announced last week that he has been chosen to represent this country in the Olympic games as a wrestler in the heavyweight class.

       It is announced that $7,500 has been raised to conduct Camp Gerard to give New York city boys free vacations this Summer.
       The fund raised, $1,500 of which was given by James W. Gerard, a former ambassador to Germany, who also contributed the 110-acre camp site, will be used for equipment. Five hundred youngsters will each get a fortnight of fun and fresh air.
       The camp boasts bungalows, a swimming pool and a large mess hall, with a large open fireplace, radio, phonograph and piano. Another year it is hoped to include girls and mothers with small children in the camp’s hospitality.

June 22, 1974 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       June is the month for graduations, and Rockland’s nursery schools are no exception. The little people who complete the school year are just as pleased and proud of their accomplishments as their college-age counterparts.
       One such ceremony took place this week for the 29 graduates of the Intercommunity Relation Council’s Head Start Nursery School in Spring Valley. Dressed in construction-paper mortarboards which they made and blue cotton gowns sewed by their parents, the four-year-olds received their diplomas in a candlelight ceremony attended by more than 100 parents, grandparents, and teachers. Flowers for the occasion were donated by florists throughout the county.
       The graduates, who will enter kindergarten in the fall, were taught by Mrs. Linda Rothenberg of Monsey, Mrs. Alice Donelson of Spring Valley, and assistant teacher Mrs. Marsielle Rogers.
       The Head Start program, located at 34 Rose Avenue, has been in operation since 1965.

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