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Clarkstown Town Workshop Meeting


April 18, 2013

Dear HSRC Members and History Enthusiasts:
Please will you join us in attending the Clarkstown Town Workshop Meeting on April 23, 2013 at 7:30pm?

As you may recall, we asked for your support of our appearance at a meeting with the Town Board of Clarkstown on December 11, 2012.  We were delighted and proud to see so many of our members and friends advocating for historic preservation with us!  Thank you!  

That meeting was critical in demonstrating to the Clarkstown Town Board how important history is to the people of the Town of Clarkstown and beyond.  Many of us spoke out in support of preserving the Traphagan Estate, which is a 9 acre parcel adjacent to Germonds Park which includes the Jacob Vanderbilt house (the 18th century sandstone dwelling) and the Traphagan House (the 19th century wood clapboard farm house).

Since then, a task force of concerned citizens (including representatives of the Historical Society of Rockland County) and The Clarkstown Historic Review Board  has been meeting bi-weekly to discuss the next steps for this parcel, which is currently owned by the Town of Clarkstown.   Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner has been overseeing this taskforce and its meetings.

The task force has been invited to come to a “workshop meeting” on April 23, 2013, to present the results of the task force meetings. 

The request of the task force is simple:  Incorporate the entire 9+acre parcel into the Clarkstown Parks Department, and devote the necessary resources to stabilize, restore and preserve this important corner of Germonds Park as a community space.   Create a public / private / non-profit partnership using the model that has been successfully implemented in the town of Orangetown.

The restoration, refurbishment and adaptive use of the two structures and the inclusion of these structures and the  9+ acre parcel located Germonds Road as a part of the Clarkstown Parks would be an ideal part of the West Nyack Revitalization Plan.  Further, incorporating these structures and the parcel into the Clarkstown Parks and Recreation department would create a natural gathering place for Clarkstown residents, provide an educational resource for the town’s students and extend the recreational usage of a beautiful park.  As a natural geographic central point for West Nyack, this location is optimal for such a project. 

As demonstrated by the Town of Orangetown, historic houses can and should be adapted for multipurpose use.  Clarkstown currently has a unique opportunity to create a similar success story on a parcel of land that is optimal for inclusion in an already established park.   Acquiring the Traphagan property was the Town’s first bold step.  We hope that the momentum will continue and that the Town will seriously consider restoring and preserving the entire 9-acre parcel, and the two structures situated there.
We would appreciate your support at this meeting.  Please come out in support of History in Rockland…HISTORY MATTERS!
Meeting Details:
Date:  April 23, 2013 at 7:30pm                       
Place 10 Maple Avenue, New City, NY  10956 – 3rd floor Meeting Room
The Board of Trustees of the Historical Society of Rockland County
P.S.  If you cannot attend the meeting, call or write Supervisor Gromack and let him know of your support of our efforts.  His contact information is:
Supervisor Alex Gromack
Town of Clarkstown
10 Maple Avenue
New City, NY  10956
Office Phone:  845-639-2050
Fax:   845-634-5456


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Photo Credit:
Jacob Vanderbilt House Then - Nyack Library
Jacob Vanderbilt House Now - M. Guevara


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