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Historical Marker Program

Blauvelt House Marker 2011

Since the Historical Society of Rockland County began its marker program in 1980, we have placed a total of 77 historical markers on posts and three plaques on boulders around the county.  

A number of criteria are used to select sites for HSRC markers. They include:
  • Association of a site with a noted person or family in Rockland County;
  • Association with an important event in Rockland, New York State, or national history;
  • Significant architectural or archaeological features.
The handsome cast aluminum plaques with the HSRC seal are forged to last for the ages. Individuals and organizations pay for their production and installation and confer with the HSRC's senior historian about the content of the text.

If you are interested in sponsoring a historical marker 
and making a lasting contribution to Rockland history,
please contact us by email at 

A notebook containing the text of each marker, along 
with photographs and further information about the
sites, is available in the HSRC library. A list of the
markers erected by the HSRC in PDF format 
be downloaded below.  You can also click on the
red and brown "marker" icons on the Google map
(at right) for direct links to individual HSRC markers
on the Historical Marker Database website. The blue
and green marker icons indicate historical markers
and plaques placed by the State of New York and by 
other historical or civic organizations or individuals, 
respectively. Links are provided where available.

If you are interested in historical markers in Rockland and beyond, we encourage you to explore www.HMdb.org, which indexes thousands of historical markers throughout the United States and Canada. 


List of HSRC Historical Markers as of 2015


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