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2014 Annual Highlands Conference


The Historical Society of Rockland County
invites our members to attend the

28th Annual Archaeological and Historical Conference

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Frank R. Lautenberg Visitor Center
Sterling Forest State Park
115 Old Forge Road, Tuxedo, NY

Presented by our colleagues and friends of
the North Jersey Highlands Historical Society,
Incorporated Orange County Chapter, NYSAA
and Friends of Sterling Forest

Edward J. Lenik, R.P.A., NJHHS. INC.OCCNYSAA, Program Chair; Nancy L. Gibbs, NJHHS, Presiding

Morning Field Trip, 9-10:30 AM: Join Doc Bayne on a hike to the Crossway, Paterson, Conklin, Mountain and Smith mines. Meet at the hikers' parking area located on the west side of Long Meadow Road, County Route 84. Look for driveway entrance just south of the Scott Mine Hoist Tower and opposite the Town of Tuxedo recycling area. Hike will start promptly at 9:00 AM.

Formal Program: Historic Ironmaking

11-11:10 AM          Welcome by Ralph Colfax, President, NJHHS

11:10-11:35 AM     "Peter Hasenclever in His Own Defense"
                               Nancy L. Gibbs, North Jersey Highlands Historical Society '

11:35-12 PM         "The 'Forgotten' Documents at the Ringwood Manor Archives"
                              Hans R. Niederstrasser, Friends of Long Pond Ironworks

12-1 PM                LUNCH (on your own)

1-1:25 PM             "In Search of the Tuxedo-Ringwood Canal and Ringwood Forge:
                              Archaeological Investigations Conducted by the North Jersey Highlands Historical Society"
                              Edward J. Lenik, R.P.A., NJHHS & INC.OCCNYSAA.

1:25-1:50 PM         "The Andover Ironworks, Come Penny, Go Pound, an Eighteenth Century Charcoal Iron
                               Plantation in the Appalachian Highlands of New Jersey"
                              Kevin Wright, Historic New Bridge Landing Park Commission
1:50-2:15 PM         "Valentines & Thomas - 19th Century Ironmasters and Innovators: Archaeological and Historical
                              Investigations of the Valentine & Co. Iron Ore Washing Plant (36CE526), Centre County, Pennsylvania"
                              Gary F. Coppock, Skelly & Loy, Inc.

2:15-2:30 PM        COFFEE BREAK

2:30-2:55 PM        "A Theoretical Layout of the Colonial Ironworks at Long Pond"
                              Paul Frost, Friends of Long Pond Ironworks

2:55-3:20 PM         "The History of the Crossway, Paterson, Conklin, Mountain, and Smith Mines at Sterling Forest State Park"
                               Donald "Doc" Bayne, Friends of Sterling Forest.

3:20-3:45 PM          "'Go East, Young Man': What Robert Esrkine Didn't Do"
                                Carol Siri Johnson, PhD, New Jersey Institute of Technology

11 AM-4 PM            BOOK ROOM

The conference is open to the public. Admission is free of charge. If you require further information, contact Ed Lenik by email at [email protected]

Meeting facilities courtesy of Sterling Forest State Park, Jeff Hutchinson, Park Manager


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