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Dear Friend of the Historical Society of Rockland County:

The County of Rockland provides funding to local nonprofit organizations in order to provide programs and services that would not otherwise be offered to Rockland residents by County government. Due to the County’s financial situation, the County Executive has proposed a 100% cut in funding to those agencies for 2015. These cuts will affect all Rockland residents, hurt our economy and diminish the quality of life in Rockland as programs and services disappear.

We need your presence at a meeting of the County Legislature’s Budget Review Committee to advocate to restore funding. This critical meeting will be held this Thursday, October 30, at 7:00 pm in the Legislative Chambers, 11 New Hempstead Road, New City.

The Legislature is asking only one representative of the nonprofits to speak on our behalf. So at that time, Paul Trader, Chairman of the Institute for Non-profits, will present a unified message advocating for the restoration of funding. This funding is vital to our Historical Society and to many other non-profit services.

Please come and show support for our message. We hope to fill the room with supporters.

We will also keep you informed of developments and let you know how you can help as this process moves forward.

Thank you!

Larry Singer, President
The Historical Society of Rockland County


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