How To Research at the HSRC: Policies & Procedures

The Historical Society of Rockland County (HSRC) is the principal repository for original artifacts and documents relating to Rockland County and the Lower Hudson Valley. The collections exist to document, preserve, research and interpret the history of the inhabitants of Rockland County and Lower Hudson Valley history.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, e-mail [email protected]. Please include in your e-mail the nature of your research request and any additional information you may have to help our research assistants gather the appropriate materials.

Research Requests:

The HSRC can accommodate both on-site research and requests via telephone, mail, and e-mail. This is a fee-based service at $20 per hour for non-members ($10 for members). Copies of materials are an additional $0.25 per page for non-members ($0.10 for members). Responses sent by mail will have applicable US Postal Service fees applied. Please allow two weeks for requests to be completed. If we cannot fulfill your request, we will try to direct you to the appropriate source, free of charge.

For On-Site Research:

  • Appointments are required for on-site research.
  • To allow time for research assistants to gather the appropriate materials, appointments should be made one to two weeks in advance.
  • Most research appointments will be made for Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday mornings between 10:00 am and noon.

Obtaining Materials:

  • Each researcher shall complete the Special Collections Request form.
  • Research materials may not be borrowed or removed from the Historical Society of Rockland County.
  • Researchers must request materials by filling out the request form in advance of the visit to give time the HRSC sufficient time to make the requested materials available.
  • Materials will not leave the designated area (e.g., the library).
  • Researchers will not be allowed into the collection storage area unless accompanied by a designated HSRC staff member or volunteer.
  • The researcher is responsible for returning all material to a designated staff member or volunteer.
  • The Historical Society of Rockland County reserves the right to check and inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, portfolios, etc.

Handling Materials:

  • Only pencils may be used. Writing is not permitted on any piece of the collection, including research materials. Paper will be provided to take notes, and photocopies are available at a nominal fee.
  • No smoking, eating (including candy or gum), or drinking is allowed in the research areas.
  • All materials must be handled with extreme care. If you have questions about how to handle a piece, please ask before touching.
  • The designated staff member or volunteer will give you an overview on handling objects in our collection. White cotton gloves or latex gloves will be provided, if necessary.
  • The Historical Society of Rockland County reserves the right to refuse or maintain limited access to any piece in our collection at the discretion of the acting curator.
  • Please keep all materials and objects in the order in which you found them. If you have questions, please ask.


  • Materials may be duplicated if reproduction does not injure the materials and does not violate donor agreements or copyright restrictions. Please see staff regarding restrictions and fees.
  • All duplication of materials, whether by photocopying, photography, or other means, must be completed by HSRC staff only. Researchers may not use their own cameras, scanners, or other duplicating equipment except by written permission obtained in writing in advance of the visit.

Restrictions on Use:

The use of material may be restricted by law or by the donor. The HSRC may also restrict access to materials that are not arranged, are being catalogued, or are in fragile condition. In some cases, copies may be substituted for the originals.

Photographic Reproduction Services:

The HSRC will fulfill requests for reproduction of photographic images for personal, publication, and display use. Please see the table of fee and charges below.

All photographic orders must consist of the following:

  • Letter of request which includes a description of the project including the title, publisher, dates of publication or use, number of copies when appropriate, how and where the images will appear, the type and nature of the publication, and when you need the materials and in what format.
  • A signed copy of the Rights and Permissions Policy, available from the Historical Society of Rockland County.
  • Payment by check, money order or credit card in advance. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.


Standard Fee

Member Fee


Letter/legal photocopy (B&W)








11 x 17 photocopy (B&W)







Color photocopy of image







8 x 10 glossy photo*














  • These prices are for personal use only.
  • Publication use may require additional fees.
  • For special projects or for educational use, consult the HSRC, as different fees may apply.


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