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Vol. 59, No. 4, October-December 2015


The Publication of the Gesner Diary

The author, Alice Gerard, moved to Palisades as a young girl and has always been interested in history. After a career as a teacher and school director, she began to learn about Palisades history and, inspired by her mother, has published six books on the subject.

A Stone Is Found in Nova Scotia
A remarkable story.

Book Review
Your editor reviews Memoir of a Revolutionary War Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin and highlights his wartime experiences in Rockland County.

The King's Ferry
Your contributing editor recaps the history of the historical markers placed at the King's Ferry sites in Rockland and Westchester counties.

Editor's Note:
Your editors rely on our valued contributing writers, ranging from eminent historians of the Hudson Valley to a grandmother down the road, writing for the first time about her family's history. This makes each issue an interesting and different challenge. Sometimes, inadvertently, a theme emerges that ties disparate articles together. It happened in this issue with references to the epic story of Benedict Arnold and John Andre cropping up throughout.

COVER PICTURE. The title page of the first cahier of the Nicholas Gesner Diaries reads, "The following is a Memomento [sic], or memorial without any Design of Debt or Credit or charge or demand April 25, 1829." Courtesy of Alice Gerard.

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