Education Programs: The Lenape of Rockland

Benjamin West painting of Lenape

The Historical Society of Rockland County invites you to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Lenape who lived in Rockland hundreds of years ago. 

Dates: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays
Times: Please contact to schedule. Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes long.

Children will be given the opportunity to examine typical Lenape clothing, participate in hands-on demonstrations of corn grinding, and play Native American games. They will also explore the relationships and interactions the Lenape had with other Native Americans and Europeans.


  • $5.00 per child/student

Teachers and one adult chaperone are free for each class. Each additional adult chaperone will cost either $5 or $7, depending on the group size. 

Maximum thirty participants per group, including teachers and chaperones.

For more information about scheduling a Lenape of Rockland program for your school or Scout group email [email protected].

A lesson plan outlining a typical visit is available to download below.


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