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Local History Meet-Up: Shanks Legacy

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The Historical Society of Rockland County Invites You to Join Us for a Special Tour of

"Shanks Legacy" 
The New Exhibition at the Orangetown Historical Museum

When: Sunday, July 21, 2019, 1:30-2:30 pm
Where: Orangetown Historical Museum & Archives, 196 Chief Bill Harris Way, Orangeburg
Price: $FREE (but donations are gratefully accepted)

This is a meet-up announcement for history enthusiasts. All are welcome!

Mary Cardenas, Orangetown's Historian and director of the Orangetown Museum, will guide us through "Shanks Legacy," the museum exhibition that tells the story of the secret camp that processed 1.3 million troops en route to Europe and North Africa during World War II and how it changed Orangetown.

Camp Shanks was the U.S. Army's largest port of embarkation on the East Coast in World War II; it saw some 1.3 million troops pass through on their way to England and North Africa. Learn about how the camp looked and operated and what its transition into the residential 'Shanks Village' meant to the development of the Town of Orangetown.

"Shanks Legacy," opened on April 13, 2019, at the DePew House and runs through November. Admission is free; donations are accepted.

Parking is in the Orangetown Museum lot or on the street on Chief Bill Harris Way.


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