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SOTM Contents: Jul-Sep 2019

 Vol. 63, No. 3; July-September 2019


2019 Historic Preservation Merit Awards
The Awards Committee presented seven awards in five different categories. In addition, two special commendations were made.

From the Collections
Our consulting editor has written about a magnificent Jacquard coverlet recently acquired by the Historical Sociey. Marianne Leese is also the Society's Senior Historian. She devotes her Wednesdays to caring for our Collections.

COVER PICTURE: 2019 Historic Preservation Merit Awardees (left to right): John and Virginia Wall, Richard and Lola Esnard, Daniel Sherman, Barbara Scheulen, Patti Panayotidis, Joy Macy, Martha Attebury, John Macy, Virginia Norfleet, Simon Basner, and Evelyn Becker. Photograph by Betsy Franco Feeney.

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