This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of November 8

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November 9, 1889 130 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

      It is reported that a new silk mill will be erected upon the ground where the old one burned a few years ago. The people here hope it is true.
      The bridge near Dater's store needs repairing badly.
      A new shoddy mill has been put up near this place.
      Samuel Rose has been appointed station agent at Sterlington.
      A large number of people who live here are working at Tuxedo Park.

The family of the late Flag-Lieutenant Edmund A. Ketchum, of the Haytian [sic] Navy, have received from Hayti [sic], the sword, and belt of the dead Lieutenant; and the four laurel wreaths carried in the funeral procession. Also, a crayon portrait by a native artist, and a photograph of Lieut. Ketchum's grave at Port au Prince. The engrossed resolutions ordered by the Third Battery, N.G., S.N.Y., have also been received, suitably framed; and these memorials can be seen by friends of the deceased at t the family residence, 566 La Fayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

      There is great need of a bridge of some kind over the Minisceongo creek at John Weyant's pond, as a convenience for persons who have to go a long way around.
      The healthfulness of this region is remarkably good at present.
      Squire Wood has a vast amount of uncut wood on his property among the mountains.

On Tuesday morning the rumor reached us that a portion of the Garnerville Print Works had blown up or fallen in, and many persons had been injured and some killed. In fact, the incident, while serious enough, was not quite as bad as had been reported.
     On the property of the Print Works is an old building which a few years ago was used as a barn and stable, and at the present time it contains a large quantity of oats. On Tuesday morning two Hungarians were at work in the building. About the middle of the forenoon, through some cause not known, the north wall of the house suddenly broke loose and fell out with a crash. The men, being near that part of the building, were in some way caught in the wreck and badly crushed. One of them suffered a concussion of the spine, causing paralysis of the body, while the other was not so badly hurt. Word of the accident was sent to Haverstraw, and Dr. Bailey and a priest were summoned. The doctor found the one man's condition very serious, and it was reported at a late hour that he was dead. We learn later that the man died at eleven o'clock Tuesday night, after considerable suffering. The other one, we hear, is not in danger.

November 7, 1919 100 YEARS AGO
The Nyack Evening Journal

"Voting is alluring" and just too thrilling for words in some respects, but there are lengths to which one cannot go, even to vote.  For instance: A feminine voter in the Franklin Street district was escorted to the polling place in Frank Motto’s barber shop, so goes the story. She looked in and balked. "You cannot expect a lady to go into a place where men are being shaved," she said indignantly. And she couldn’t be coaxed into the place.

November 3-9, 1969 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dexter of Pearl River, bought Froelich Hanover, a standardized [sic] yearling, yesterday for a record $125,000 at an auction in Harrisburg, Pa. The previous world record price for a standardbred yearling was set last year when Romunda Hanover, brother of Froelich Hanover was sold for $115,000. Dexter is president of Dexter Press in West Nyack.

A play, "Chained," the story of drug addiction, will be presented Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Tiger's Den in Spring Valley by 50 black young people from Harlem.
     The cast includes members of the New York Christian Drama Guild and a musical group, "Soul Liberation," directed by Henry Greenidge, music teacher at Kakiat Junior High School.
     Both groups will be featured in the production, which has appeared in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. There will be no admission change.

Conservatism Sweeps County GOP Takes 13 of 18 County Legislature Seats – Vines Whips Mundt in Coalition Landslide – Grune, Lovett, Lindemann Win – Kelly, Stolarik Take Judgeships
Conservatism swept Rockland Tuesday to change the complexion of almost all governing units, including county government. Leader after leader of all parties attributed the move to the right to a tax revolt, with the voters turning to those promising a halt to mounting realty taxes by restricting new construction and attracting new industry.


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