This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of April 24

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April 21, 1870 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Messenger

SASH AND BLINDS  — In our advertising columns this week will be found the Card of Charles H. Snedeker, highly recommended from Nyack as being a first-rate workman at his trade, in all its branches.  He is to be found in the new building near the residence of Capt. Thos. Baldwin, formerly occupied by Mr. George W. Snedeker. Give him a call.

STEAMER ANTELOPE  — This favorite steamer paid her annual visit last Thursday, under command of her polite and obliging captain, E. Van Wart, Jr. She leaves New-York every morning at 8 o’clock, for Peekskill. Returning, leave Peekskill 1.30 P. M.; calling in at Haverstraw, 2.10 P. M. She lands this season at DeNoyelles Dock, a decided improvement. Her advertisement will appear in our next issue.

QUITE A RUSH  — It seems since Mr. Whitney opened new and cheap Grocery on Main-street that the rush is so great of a Saturday night, that quite a number of his would-be customers had to go away unserved. He requests us to say to them, that if they only come early, especially on Saturdays—say in the fore-noon or afternoon, instead of putting it off until the evening, they can get supplied with whatever they want—cheap.

BURGLARS  — On Tuesday evening last, two burglars entered the sleeping room of John W. Hutton, at Nanuet, and taking the chair on which his pants and vest were thrown, conveyed them all to the kitchen, and when there struck a light and “went through” the garments. We do not know the amount taken from the pocketbook, but that and the clothes were found empty next morning.

April 23, 1920 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

ROCKLAND COUNTY WOMEN JOIN WITH WESTCHESTER  The Republican women of Rockland county decided Wednesday that they would join the women of Westchester in the “campaign school” to be held at Republican Headquarters in White Plains in May. The schools are to be held throughout the State and to save time, two or more counties will join in the session.
       Mrs. Ruth List of New York, a member of the Women’s Republican State Executive Committee which has charge of the movement, will be one of the instructors.
       Mrs. Arthur L. Livermore and Mrs. William Ives of Yonkers, Mrs. Litt and Mrs. Rosalie Loew Whitney of Brooklyn will be the teachers. Miss Natalie Couch of Nyack urges all Republican women workers to attend.

HAD 1919 LICENSE PLATE  It cost Miss Freda Dickson of Grand View, $10 to drive in Nyack with a 1919 license plate on her car. She was summoned to appear in court by Officer Taylor and Justice Haas imposed a $10 fine. Miss Dickson said she had a 1920 license plate at home but had neglected to put it on her car.

VILLAGE HISTORIANS  The board of trustees of Nyack has named Mrs. E. H. Maynard official historian of the village. The Grand View board has named Miss Sophia K. Seabury to a similar position in that village.

April 22-24, 1970 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

COUNTY DRUG REPORT — IT’S A SHOCKER  “Drug abuse and even heroin addiction could certainly be described as being epidemic among adolescent and young adult males in the county, and a substantial number of girls are also involved.”
       There may now be 815 heroin addicts today in Rockland. One out of every 28 males between the ages of 15 to 24 is using heroin. The figures for non-narcotic drug-abuse would be even greater.
       These shocking statistics were released in a report by officials of the Rockland County Mental Health Center based on the cumulative experience of a 15-month period during which drug abuse programs have been conducted.
       The center reports that 224 individuals have been treated for problems involving drug abuse and of these, 163 were heroin users; 130 required detoxification by methadone substitution, while 58 had used hallucinogens, primarily LSD.
       Revealing statistics compiled from January 1, 1969, to April 1, 1970, the center officials said they had good reason to believe that the actual incidence of heroin addiction is at least five times more than the number treated at the center.
       “Drug abuse and even heroin addiction could certainly be described as being epidemic among adolescent and young adult males in the county, and a substantial number of girls are also involved,” they said.
       Seventy-five per cent of the heroin addicts on whom laboratory tests have been done have had evidence of liver damage.
       Several cases of hepatitis, which has a high incidence among heroin addicts or “mainliners,” have also been reported. Several LSD users have been committed to Rockland State Hospital for psychotic reactions which have persisted after the cessation of any known drug use, they said.
       The treatment approaches for drug abuse currently available at the complex in Pomona include:
              – Detoxification from physically addictive drugs such as heroin and barbiturates in a hospital or as an outpatient.
              – Individual, group or family psychotherapy conducted by professional staff.
              – Group and individual encounter therapy work conducted by ex-addicts together with professionals.
              – Counseling through supervised non-professionals.
              – Counseling for involved family members individually or in groups by professional, non-professional or ex-addict staff members.
       Anyone may call the center (352-0100) for help or information about drug abuse between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. seven days a week.
       Psychiatrists are available on the premises from 9 to 5 p.m. weekdays and on call for emergencies at all other times. From 11 p.m. to 9 a.m., they may be reached through the answering service of the health office examination service (352-3773).
       Center officials said plans to eliminate the answering service “in the near future” and to consolidate the emergency coverage within its own staff were being implemented.

E-DAY FINALE  Rockland swings its gaze to the earth and the sky and the waters today as thousands participate in E-Day (Earth Day) with observances and programs in every corner and nook of the county.
       Students will learn about polluters and talk about conservation; politicians will speak; experts will lecture; rallies will be held and everyone in the Valley will think for at least a minute about how nice it would be to live in a cleaner, fresher world.
       The whole thing winds up with a bang tonight with a countywide rally and Earth Roundup at Orange and Rockland auditorium, Route 59, Spring Valley: all the big guns will be there to tell what happened on E-Day 1970.

TV COMMERCIAL FILMED IN NEW CITY RESTAURANT  The Olde Inn at New City was jammed with television equipment yesterday while local folk gathered excitedly to watch the on-location filming of a television commercial.
       Heading the camera crew was a Valley Cottage Grammar School and Nyack High School alumnus, George Gage of Suffern.
       Gage, who said he is “always seeking realism” while filming commercials, remembered the restaurant and its heavy-beamed, turn-of-the-century atmosphere. He decided to use the inn for a commercial spot on “First Tuesday,” a documentary show.

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