Flashback Friday Archive 2019-20: Flashback Friday: Week of June 5

2020-06-05 TWIR Image-Suffern

June 4, 1870 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Messenger

[Image:  Main Street Suffern, date unknown. View down Main Street in Suffern, through the intersection for Lafayette Avenue. Photograph courtesy Suffern Free Library]
       Last Thursday, a boy, aged about twelve years, named John Elks, and lately residing in Jersey City, while playing with firecrackers, put some of them in his pocket in an ignited condition. Of course, they exploded, and burned him so severely as to cause his death on the 28th ult. His remains were taken to Suffern, where he formerly resided, and were buried at the island church on the 29th ult.
       It may be impertinent in your correspondent to ask the question, and he may be treading on the toes of one of our ''social evilists" to do so, but whether or no, he can't keep it; what he wants to ascertain is, whether it would not be compatible with the interests of some good barber to open shop in some other place in our village rather than in a beer saloon, where he is surrounded by the lowest types of humanity, and where no decent man cares to be seen? If there be such a mechanic or artiste anywhere around who wishes a place to open business in, we would recommend him to come to Suffern. The associations of a beer saloon, where players of dominoes and throwers of dice abound, and those of a barbershop are not harmonious, and should not exist together.
       A few days ago, a brakeman on a freight train, named Garland, while attempting to jump on the cars at Piermont smashed his arm and was bruised considerably about the head and body.  He was brought to Suffern and sent from there to Jersey City, where, through the tardiness of his superiors, he was compelled to wait three hours before he could be conveyed to the hospital.  So much for the sympathy a laboring man, maimed and bruised, receives at the hands of Erie.

June 4, 1920 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

       The celebration of the dedication of St. Anthony’s Church, Nanuet, the most beautiful church in Rockland County will take place Sunday, June 13 at 3pm.
       A gathering of between three and four thousand is expected including fifty priests, prominent judges and public officials.
       A solemn mass will be held in the morning at 10 o’clock with a choir of fifty voices.
       The depiction will be by Most Rev. P. J. Hayes D.D. assisted by Right Rev. Monsignor G. Brudler.
       There will be a parade including Sparkill, Blauvelt and Nanuet cadets Knights of Columbus, St. Nicholas Society and others.
       The church will send a credit to Father Hans and non-Catholic friends throughout the county.

RECKLESS DRIVING CAUSED AUTO WRECK – Car Driven at High Speed in Smash at Nanuet – No One Seriously Injured but Both Cars are Badly Damaged Monday Afternoon
       Reckless driving along a crowded thoroughfare Monday afternoon resulted in an auto smash at Nanuet in which fortunately no one was seriously injured although two cars were badly damaged.
       While the memorial exercises were being held at Fireman’s Hall, a car driven by James Ryan of Orangeburg came up the Middletown road at a high rate of speed. At the corner just below Firemen’s Hall Ryan’s car struck a car of Miss Madeleine Fisher a public health nurse of Hackensack.
       Miss Fisher’s car was badly damaged by Miss Fisher was not hurt.
       Ryan’s car was overturned and also badly damaged. Ryan received a bad cut about his head. In the car with him were Robert and Ira Campbell also of Orangeburg. Ryan’s car was taken to the Nanuet Garage

June 4-5, 1970 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Piermont's first planning commission held its first meeting last night. Mayor Americo DiFrancesca, who had appointed the commission, was among those present. Piermont has had a zoning board of appeals but never had a planning board. Members of the board of trustees had served in that capacity. Jerome Foster, associate planner of the metropolitan district office of the Office of Planning Coordination, and William Chase, principal planner for the Rockland County Planning Board, spoke on the functions of planning and what would be expected of the commission. Milton Immerman, engineer and designer, and John Iurica, village engineer, are advisors to the planners. Members of the commission include Kathryn Smith, Kurt Gerhardt, James Francis, Sal Conigliaro, Richard Bruno, Robert Bradbury, and Eloise Bizzarri. Mayor DiFrancesca appointed Miss Smith temporary chairman.

       St. Thomas Aquinas College at Sparkill awarded degrees yesterday to 118 seniors, including its first male graduate.
       Cheers rang through the gymnasium as William G. Reamer stepped forward to receive his Bachelor of Science diploma from Terence Cardinal Cooke and a firm handshake from an embarrassed Rep. Martin B. McKneally, who only moments earlier had congratulated the women in the class for completing their college courses, apparently unaware the college became coeducational last fall.
       Reamer was the only male graduate in the class and was one of 14 to receive Bachelor of Science degrees. Another 76 students received B.S. degrees in education, along with their provisional teaching certificates, while 28 won Bachelor of Arts degrees.
       Kathleen D. Murphy, president of the student government, received the first annual Terence Cardinal Cooke Award for outstanding and meritorious service. She will begin work at the college July 1 as a guidance assistant.
       McKneally received the fifth annual Francis Cardinal Spellman award for "loyal and distinctive service to his fellow men."
       In his remarks to the class, McKneally declared, "The mark of the good person is the ability to make decisions which consistently contribute to the well-being of one's fellow-man and to the well-being of one's society."

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