Flashback Friday Archive 2019-20: Flashback Friday: Week of October 23

2020-10-23 TWIR Image-Tappan Church

October 22, 1870 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

[Image: Dutch Reformed Church, Tappan, ca. 1890. Courtesy of the Nyack Library via NYHeritage.]

To the Editor of the Journal: –
       Thinking perhaps that a few lines from Tappan might not be unacceptable to you, we have taken our pen in hand to inform you of the state of affairs in our quiet little village.
       First, in order, comes the weather. “Remarkably warm,” is the common expression, and the oldest inhabitant says he “never knew or heard of such weather at this time in the year.” Tappan has on her gala attire now, and it’s brilliantly beautiful in her dress of many colors. The principal topic of conversation just now is the wedding of Albert Duryea of Closter and Miss Eliza Bartow of Andre Hill, Tappan, which took place on Wednesday October 12 at the Reformed Church in this place.
       The heavy rain of Wednesday morning seemed very unpropitious, but about noon the clouds broke away and the sun shone brightly. At the appointed hour, the church was filled with an eager assembly, all animated with the curiosity, which always attends the coming of a bridal party. While waiting, the tedium was relieved by Miss Bella Hammond of Closter, who entertained the company with sweet music. At last, the “weddingers,” to use the old Dutch word, appeared. The bride was dressed in a pearl colored silk with high corsage and skirt en train, the dress being trimmed with white lace. She wore an elegant veil, gracefully looped up with orange flowers, a wreath of which was around her head.
       The bridesmaid, Miss Kate Harring, was becomingly dressed in a rich garnet silk and wore tuberoses and geranium leaves for ornaments. The groom was attired in a black cloth suit, as was also the groomsman, Mr. Garrett Blauvelt.
       The ceremony was performed by the Reverend G. M. S. Blauvelt, and the beautiful and solemn service of the Episcopal Church, and all admired the graceful manner in which everything was done.
       Too much praise cannot be awarded to the ushers, Mr. Andrew Harring, and Mr. George Bolmer, for the gentlemanly manner in which they performed the duties incumbent upon them.
       We learn that the bridal party departed the same afternoon, upon their bridal tour, taking with them the kind wishes of a host of relatives and friends for their future happiness and prosperity.
       If you do not find that we have taken up too much space in your valuable paper, you may hear from Tappan again.

October 22, 1920 – 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

       Everette Moore, a farmer living northwest of Tallman, had an exciting experience with a Wildcat at about 11 o'clock Monday night. Moore was walking near Bailey’s Mill on the Suffern Road when the cat jumped on his shoulders and tore his clothes and clawed his flesh quite badly. He pulled a knife and stabbed the animal which fled into the woods, the cries of the wildcat had been heard by people living in the vicinity for several hours before the attack.

       The War Department has sent to Sparkill two cannon which are to be placed along side of the Soldier’s Monument erected in the park at that place.

October 22, 1970 – 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       The more successful the husband, the more unhappy his wife is likely to be.
       That’s the conclusion of a survey of the wives of 400 successful men published in the November Ladies' Home Journal.
       The magazine said the survey showed wives of chief executives were most unhappy. Next came the wives of junior executives.
       The magazine also said that 75 per cent of the wives interviewed never considered having a romantic affair. Only 2 per cent said they consider a husband's unfaithfulness as a reason for having as affair of their own.

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