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Play at Home: Blauvelt House Jigsaw Puzzle

Blauvelt House Puzzle PIeces
 The Historical Society of Rockland County Challenges You to Complete the

Jacob Blauvelt House
Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Jacob Blauvelt’s ancestors came to the New World from Holland in the early 1600s. In 1741, Jacob’s great-grandfather bought a parcel in New City; around 1832, Jacob and his wife, Margaret -- who had been married for about sixteen years and had five children -- built a traditional Dutch-style home on the land. Descendants of the Blauvelts lived in the home from 1832 until 1970.

Complete our "Stay at Home/Play at Home" jigsaw puzzle to reveal a gorgeous photograph of the Jacob Blauvet House taken by former HSRC Trustee Dorice Madronero.

To access the puzzle, click here.

Use the initial controls to set the number of puzzle pieces, background color and piece rotation. The more pieces, the more difficult the puzzle.

Fun for adults and children alike!


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