Flashback Friday: Week of December 25

2020-12-25 TWIR Image - Electrical Auto Signal Device

December 24, 1870 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

by J. G. Holland

There’s a song in the air!
There’s a star in the sky!
There’s a mother’s deep prayer
And a baby’s low cry!
And the star rains its fire while the Beautiful sing,
For the manger of Bethlehem cradles a King!

There’s a tumult of joy
O’er the wonderful birth,
For the Virgin’s sweet boy
Is the Lord of the earth.
Ay! The star rains its fire and the Beautiful sing
For the manger of Bethlehem cradles a King!

In the light of that star
Lie the ages impearled;
And that song from afar
Has swept over the world
Every hearth is aflame, and the Beautiful sing
In the homes of the nations that Jesus is King.

We rejoice in the light,
And we echo the song
That comes down through the night
From the heavenly throng.
Ay! We shout to the lovely evangel they bring,
And we greet in his cradle our Savior and King.

       As Christmas, according to custom, will be a day for general dissection of turkeys chickens, etc., we would urge Our Lady readers to remember the wishbone.
       It is the custom after the bone has been broken for the one holding the shortest piece to place it over the door, and it is said, the first gentleman passing under it will marry her.
       Now, if the gentleman should happen to have a wife at home. We suppose the gushing young damsel would have to sit in a corner somewhere and wait for the wife to die. If, however, the wife should outlive this young damsel. Well, we suppose this would break the charm of the wishbone. But such would not be the case if the young damsels had happened to be an “old maid,” for it is universally believed that such persons never die.

December 24, 1920 – 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

       To-night at seven o’clock sharp, at the Government plot, opposite the library, the Community Christmas tree and the big time that goes with it. Everyone is expected to come and celebrate Christmas eve in proper Community style.
       To-morrow morning, the biggest time of all, when the lads and lassies from all around shall gather at the Broadway Theatre, there to see Santa Claus two Christmas pictures, and bring home a box of candy for their very own.

[Image: Electrical Auto Signal Device]
       An electric signal device to be worn by the signaling hand of a motorist is the invention of Wesley Kuhlman, of Woodcliff-on-Hudson, New Jersey. When the wearer driving at night desires to warn the driver of a car in the rear of the fact that he is slowing down to make a stop or turn, he extends his hand on the back of which springs out in electric letters the word caution on a red target. The contrivance is attached to the back of the hand by strap fastened around the palm and on it is a push button or switch, which is operated by moving the middle finger in a backward direction. Though of small size, it is complete, in itself, including battery and lamp.

December 24, 1970 – 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Santa is getting around faster this year as pilot Sumner Hayward flew into Ramapo Valley Airport with gifts for children at Lakeside School, St. Agatha’s Home and St. Joseph’s School. The project was a joint venture of the Rockland Flyers Social Club and Ram-Air Flight School in cooperation with local merchants who have contributed over 150 toys.

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