Flashback Friday Archive 2019-20: Flashback Friday: A New Year Greeting

Image: Dec. 31, 1920, The Rockland News
Image: Dec. 31, 1920, The Rockland News

December 31, 1870 – 150 YEARS AGO
Excerpt from
The Rockland County Journal

Written for the Journal


A time honored greeting, dear Mary I send,
To one who has notably earned title of friend,
And tender the wish of a heart that’s sincere,
To you and your loved ones, a Happy New Year.

Many at home, in the year that is past,
Affliction her mantle has heavenly cast,
While we have been spared without shadow or tear,
With our darlings around us to greet the New Year.

And many have gone to the Home of the Blest,
Where ’tis said that the weary forever shall rest; 
And wing’d their glad way to the echoless shore, 
To join with the good who have gone there before. 

No envy, nor malice, nor any dark sin,
In those blissful regions can e’re enter in!
That faith, hope and charity, mercy and love,
Is the glorious union in mansions above.

Oh, then let us cherish as long as we live,
That one blessing precept: “Forget and forgive”;
And now while each table is sparkling with cheer,
Again, let me wish you a Happy New Year.

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