Flashback Friday Archive 2019-20: Flashback Friday: Week of February 5

Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan
Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan

February 4, 1871 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       A gentleman was trying to enjoy an evening with a young lady upon whom he called but found a serious obstacle in the person of a stern father, who at length ventured to say that the hour for retiring had arrived. “I think, you are correct, my dear sir,” returned the unabashed, young man, “we have been waiting to have you go to bed for over an hour.”

February 4, 1921 – 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

       The town Board of Orangetown has decided to install voting machines before the next election. An order for fifteen machines has been placed. The machines, which are to be the same as those in use in Ramapo, are to be delivered by July 15. The machines worked in a very satisfactory manner in Ramapo last fall. The town of Haverstraw is also likely to install machines.

       The property of Charles S. Pace on the Haverstraw road, two miles from Suffern, has been sold to be used as a summer home for inmates of the home for the blind of 514 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn. The property consists of eight acres and a frame house, and was formerly owned by Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan.

       The House coinage committee has reported in favor of coining a Roosevelt two-cent piece as provided in a Senate bill. The committee's report said there was a genuine need for a two-cent piece, and coinage of one, as proposed in the Senate bill, would be a fitting manner in which to honor the memory of a great American.

February 3-4, 1971 – 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Haverstraw village police went back to pounding the beat one recent night when the department's two patrol cars, both with more than 100,000 miles of service, broke down simultaneously.
       “I had to hike to an investigation,” one of the village's finest said yesterday.
       He also explained the department since has received one new car and is awaiting a second. “Zilch 1” he said, “is gone.”
       “Zilch 1” was the patrol car the village borrowed after it was turned in to a used-car dealer by the Grand View department.
       It was christened Zilch 1 after an officer on patrol put his foot through the floorboard. Zilch 1 also had other disturbing features, such as the words “Grand View-on-Hudson” emblazoned on the old paint job.
       “It was like we were advertising or something,” the policeman said.
       Zilch 2 may be replaced soon, “but seeing is believing,” the policeman said.
       The department, it was noted, is negotiating a contract with the village board that may include a “75,000-mile” clause. Under this stipulation, the patrolman believes, Zilch 3 will never be operational.

       William Vines, Clarkstown supervisor, accepted title for the Traphagen property in Bardonia, which will become a park under a $1.5 million referendum, from attorneys Milton Shapiro and Henry Fryman. Robert McCall of the title company and Frederick Roland, town attorney, were on hand for the transfer Tuesday at the town hall.

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