Flashback Friday Archive 2021-22: Flashback Friday: Week of July 2

2021-07-02 TWIR Image-Sheep Shearing

July 1, 1871 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

     On Thursday, of last week, the heart of every citizen in our village pulsated faster when intelligence was received that the yacht Tidal Wave, built on our shore, and owned by our fellow-citizen, William Voorhis, Esq., was victorious over all her competitors, and was the winner of the three prizes offered on the occasion. From the time her keel was laid until she floated like a thing of life upon the broad bosom of our bay, we have never ceased to feel a special interest in her achievements and success, and we are now persuaded that this sentiment is shared by all our fellow-citizens. To the modeler of the boat, Mr. Scank, to the mechanics of Nyack who built her, and to the skill which governs her in her extraordinary performances, we render our meed of praise, and only hope that she may long continue to stand at the head, peerless and alone, of the regatta fleet of the world.

     Parents cannot be too careful about allowing their children to eat unripe fruit, which will soon be plenty, and which is so tempting to little ones. And it is particularly dangerous after eating green trash to drink hardly of water. Children are all alike in this respect, and it behooves parents and those who have charge of them to exercise a great deal of firmness and judgment in regard to what children eat during hot weather. Physicians say that much sickness prevalent among children is caused by the lack of judgment or care on the part of the parents and guardians.

      One of the neatest barber shops in this village is that of William E. Haas on Main street, below Broadway. Everything therein is clean, neat and tasty, and William understands his business.
      Won’t some of our citizens who support large families of dogs, either keep several hudnred of them home in their yards or make a contract with some sausage maker in the city to rid them of their canine pets?

July 1, 1921 – 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

     The electric storm of Tuesday afternoon was rather costly to Dr. V. M. Davies of Congers. It struck the large barn, known as the Smith barn, setting it aflame and completely demolishing it. The loss is estimated at about $700.
     The Congers fire department responded promptly despite the torrential rain, reaching the scene of the blaze less than ten minutes after the alarm had sounded. The chemical apparatus was used effectively upon the adjoining structures, which were saved from communication of the fire. The barn, however, was razed to the ground when the department arrived, having burned fast and furiously.

June 30, 1971 – 50 YEARS AGO
Rockland Independent/Leader

[Image: Gerrit Zwolle shearing a sheep, before and after.]
     A little off the top, sir?
     Don’t worry, you can be independent. You don’t want to follow the long hairstyles like a sheep, do you?
     Gerrit Zwolle, a professional sheep shearer[,] may be asking his customers these questions as he demonstrates his techniques at Happy Hour Nursery School in Suffern.
     In a good day, Zwolle can count as many as 100 shorn sheep. His shears are slightly bigger than a barber’s, but he finds the going smooth. After all, the customers don’t complain, and don’t demand stimulating conversation to go with their haircut.
     Then again, the tips aren’t as good as in a regular barber shop and Zwolle has to go out in the field to find his client. So far, no overwrought parents of teenagers have asked Zwolle to wield his shears on their shaggy-locked offspring. But he isn’t ruling out the possibility.

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