This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of August 6

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August 5, 1871 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       In order that our citizens may know who are authorized to sell liquors in our village, we publish the list as it has been handed to us by Squire Peter Stevens. We hope that those who may be found guilty of violating the provisions of the excise law will be dealt with according to their deserts, and that our citizens will not hesitate to report every violation which may come under their observation. Here is the list:
       HOTELS. – John G, Breen, Isaac W. Canfield, Jr., Chas. W. Jones, Isaac J. Cole, Joseph Kihm, Louis Hoffer, Richard Turner.
       GROCERIES. – Robert L. Gedney, Acker & Hyatt.
       SALOONS. – Patrick Griffin, Valentine Hank, Peter Maloney. 

      One of the most difficult things on a Saturday afternoon in Nyack, is to get a five dollar bill changed; but it can easily be done by coming to our office, where you can get $2.50 in currency, and a receipt for a year subscription to the JOURNAL for every V you deposit with us.

August 5, 1921 – 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

MAY NAME WOMAN FOR THE ASSEMBLY — Democrats Want Mrs. De Noyelles to Run — At Meeting Tonight at New City Candidates for Office Will Be Designated
       No contests are anticipated at the meeting tonight, of the Democratic County committee to be held at New City because there is a scarcity of candidates for the various county offices to be filled at the coming fall election. However, one or more surprises are looked for and these, it is expected, will add spice to the proceedings.
       For the assembly nomination, Mrs. Theodore De Noyelles of New City may be designated if she cares to make the run.  A number of the Democratic leaders met here Wednesday night, and several favored her, though she had, up to today, not decided to have her name presented to the committeemen.
       For sheriff, there is only one avowed candidate and that is Larry Serven of New City. Nobody else has made a move for the designation, and leaders are inclined to favor the former official because of his popularity in the towns of Clarkstown, Haverstraw and Ramapo. There is talk of a Spring Valley man being put forward, but Serven seems to have the call.
       Whether or not Dr. A. K. Doig, will be renominated for coroner is a matter of conjecture. Raymond Bohr was suggested, and he may be the choice from this end of the county. The second aspirant for coroner has not yet loomed up.

August 4, 1971 – 50 YEARS AGO
Rockland Independent/Leader

       A walk down Central Avenue in Pearl River will bring many surprises to this Friday and Saturday. Signs will proclaim “Ties – 50 cents each! Fabrics – 1 cent an inch! Blouses – 97 cents each! Shoes –$1.50 a pair!”
       It's Pearl River’s fourth annual Country Fair Days!
       Storefront windows will no longer contain mannequins dressed in hot pants. Instead, the models will wear garments that were the height of fashion in the 1900s.  Clothes, yard goods, books, notions, shoes, and various wares will be on sale on the sidewalks lining Central Avenue, at prices reminiscent of the early 20th century.
       Sponsored by the Pearl River Board of Trade, Country Fair Days are designed to attract customers to the shopping district and provide fun at the same time.
       Friday, at 7:30 p.m., and again Saturday, at 3 p.m., the Pearl River Cadette Drum and Bugle Corps will march down Central Avenue. Friday night, visitors will again hear the music of yesteryear by Frank Buck’s old-fashioned Dixieland Band.  The Pearl River Firemen’s Carnival will offer thrilling rides at low prices.
       “Everything is planned as a return to the 1900s,” commented Board of Trade President Roger McCarthy. “Store windows will have authentic dress of the 1900s, or whatever the store specializes in. For instance, a shoe store would display high button shoes—if the owner can find a pair.”
       Each owner supplies costumes for his display.  Some borrow them, others have them stored in attics. But all are authentic.
       In addition to all this, visitors may also enter their names in a drawing for a $300 gift certificate from participating Pearl River stores.  Free balloons will be given to all children.
       McCarthy, pleased with the results of the planning for this venture. concluded, “It's one of the most successful of Rockland’s original fairs.


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