This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of September 17

2021-09-17 TWIR Image-Liz Welch

September 16, 1871 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       Main Street was made lively on Thursday night by a team of horses which became unmanageable and ran down to Court street, and thence down Piermont avenue, upsetting a buggy belonging to Demarest's livery stable, but without injuring it. The extent of the damage to the carriage attached to the team, we did not learn.

       For the past two weeks the unusual general tranquility of our village has been disturbed by a nuisance in the shape of a boy at one end of an inflated rubber bladder and a squeaking horn at the other. The thing sounds like the bleating of an extremely juvenile billygoat. But this has been superseded by a whistle—a circular piece of tin, bent double with a hole punched through it. No more contemptible or disgusting noise can be produced, or even imagined, than that which proceeds from this instrument.

September 16, 1921 – 100 YEARS AGO
Rockland News

       Carelessness on the part of many Nyackers inthrowing pieces of paper, coverings of gum and candies, fruit skins, etc., upon the sidewalks do not make the village attractive to visitors and is a great nuisance to people who try to keep their places neat and cleanly.
       People drop pieces of paper and refuse around and the wind blows them in all directions until they settle in gutters or in bushes planted by residents to beautify their property. Any person living on a corner, especially in Broadway are kept busy picking up papers that frequently are thrown upon lawns or sidewalks by careless persons who should be harshly dealt with.
       If the village authorities could plan to do something to keep the streets cleaner, they would come in for a deal of commendation. There is an ordinance against throwing papers and fruit skins upon sidewalks and littering the streets with them, but who ever heard of anybody being rebuked for this habit, and it goes on every day in the week, including Sundays.
       Maybe it would be a good plan to have receptacles at various corners, although they probably would not appeal to the careless person. A few arrests and fines would, however, put a curb on those who persistently litter up streets and make work for those for whom neatness is second nature.

September 15, 1971 – 50 YEARS AGO
Rockland Independent/Leader

       Liz Welch of Nyack and Hi Tor Lanes is wearing a distinct crown since this first night of the 1971-1972 bowling season. The pert little member of Asalee’s Beauty Shop Team came up with the wonder game for a woman, rolling herself a 300 in her first league game of season on lanes 7 & 8 of the high scoring lanes at West Haverstraw.
       For the men, a 300 game is getting to be not such a much as it was in the olden days. There have been 14,722 300s by men over the years. Even the Junior Boys have rolled 52 300s. But for a woman, that’s another story and is sensational. Liz’ 300 is only the fifth 300 ever rolled by a woman on the East Coast. Former perfect game scorers were Stella Tencza, 16 years ago; Pauline DeLuca, 8 years ago; Rose Belanger, 2 years ago; and Emma Thompson in 1970. All of the above were rolled in Bergen and Essex Count[ies]. So among all of the rest of the Eastern states other than New Jersey, our Liz is the only one to ever roll a 300 game.
       Pictured is Liz Welch getting the loot for her perfect score: $375 worth of bonds, plus a clock radio, award plaque, 300 shirt, 300 bag and other awards to come. And then there is the big award, the $275 diamond ring from the W.I.B.C. [Women's International Bowling Congress], which can be purchased anywhere, but is only awarded for a perfect game.
       When we interviewed Liz on the night following her 300 feat, she said she hadn’t come down out of the clouds yet but was satisfied with her performance and doesn’t look forward, yet, to another 300, which would make her an all-time great.
       We “like” the attitude of her husband, tho[ugh]. When she got home she told him that she had rolled the 300 game, and he said “trustfully,” oh yeh! Let me see the score sheet.
       We feel a lot of credit goes to Bill McCarthy (pictured above with Liz) and his crew. Sure takes a lot of work and knowledge to keep the lanes in condition to have all those high scores rolling out of Hi Tor.

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