Flashback Friday Archive 2021-22: Flashback Friday: Week of November 19

2021-11-19 TWIR Image-DeBaun

November 18, 1871 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

[Image: Office and shop of Matthew Watson and Henry DeBaun, Builders and Contractors, 20 Jackson Avenue, Nyack, ca. 1880. The DeBaun brothers began their businesses as carpenters but created a profitable contracting workshop. They built more than 2,000 structures in Nyack, and elsewhere in Rockland and Orange counties, from small outbuildings to large and gracious mansions. Image courtesy of the Nyack Library via]
       We had occasion recently to visit and examine the elegant new building just completed by Messrs. Wool & DeBaun, on the north-west corner of Hudson Avenue and Prospect street, in our village. — The building, including a basement two-thirds above ground, and an attic under a mansard roof, is four stories high, and contains thirteen rooms, nine pantries and a bath-room. The kitchen and the latter are furnished with hot and cold water, and gas pipes are all throughout the house. Handsome marbleized mantels are in many rooms, and an important feature in the kitchen is a set of stationary wash-tubs, without which no house is complete.
       The front basement is finished off as a dining room and can be used for that purpose, or if it is desirable to use the room back of the parlor, a dumb waiter stands ready to convey articles from the kitchen thither. The rooms are hard finished throughout and the work is done in an admirable manner. The house is valued at $10,000, which we consider dirt cheap as houses go in our village.

       The Board of Health, at a session on Thursday, 16th inst., passed a resolution to the effect that all persons desirous of having themselves or children vaccinated, could have it done gratuitously by calling upon the physician to the Board, Dr. T. B. Smith. From Dr. Smith we learn that on Tuesday and the following days of the next week he will be prepared to attend to such as may call upon him between the hours of 10 A.M. and 2 P.M.  The resolutions reached us too late for insertion.

November 17, 1921 – 100 YEARS AGO
Nyack Evening Journal

       Three Nyack boys are charged with having mutilated books in the Nyack Public Library and the matter has been placed in the hands of Police Judge Haas for action. The law provides a severe penalty for such offenses and this is a warning to other boys whose conduct has not been altogether proper about the Library.

November 17, 1971 – 50 YEARS AGO
Rockland Independent/Leader

       An automated ombudsman is taking questions and complaints from county residents.
       According to Herschel Greenbaum, chairman of the Rockland County Legislature, an inexpensive telephone answering machine is keeping a 24-hour hotline available for complaints, suggestions and comments people want to make about their county government.
       By dialing NE 4-1233, callers can receive a brief, cheerful message from chairman Greenbaum, then are given one minute to record their message.  Members of Greenbaum’s staff follow up on the questions and complaints and report back to the callers.
       “So far, we’ve cleared up problems regarding social services department paper work and the motor vehicle bureau,” said Bob Bergman, administrative assistant to the chairman. Bergman says the machine enables the chairman’s office to handle questions and complaints more efficiently.  “We just don’t have the staff to keep someone on the telephone all the time,” he says. “This way, we can take the calls and get back to people.”
       The automated ombudsman is always courteous, but unfortunately cuts off callers after one minute. But they can always call back.

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