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SOTM Contents: Oct-Dec 2021

SOTM 65-4 Cover

Vol. 65, No. 4 — October–December, 2021


Andrew Möller Anderson, Master Builder
Society member Albert Arthur Anderson Jr. recounts the extraordinary life and career of a grandfather he is just getting to know.

Young and Old Are Flying
Reprinted from The Rocklander, August 1930

Property Being Insured against Aircraft
Excerpted from The Rocklander, October 1930

A Tyro at Christie Airfield
Through BOCES, Regina A. Connolly, along with three other women, learned to fly at the Christie Airfield in New City after World War II.
Reprinted from South of the Mountains, April–June, 1995

Ramapo Valley Airport
A quick editor’s note on another early Rockland aviation site. 

COVER PICTURE The children of Andrew and Mary Anderson at the family’s Spring Valley farm, early 20th century. In the back is Agnes Anna; in front (left to right) are Andrew Joseph; Albert Arthur, the author’s father; and Grace Marie. Missing from the photo is Edward George, the youngest, who was likely born after the photo was taken.


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