Flashback Friday Archive 2021-22: Flashback Friday: Week of February 11

2022-02-11 TWIR Image-Pio DAngelo

February 10, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

Written for the Journal
King Canute once forbade the sea
Across his royal feet to sweep:
The courtiers said, so great was he
Even he might command the deep.

Ever some flattering tale they told,
Lords, dukes, and princes, selfish all;
In hope to gain the shower of gold,
Zany, might from his pouch let fall
Around them all, both great and small.

Well! when this mighty king sat down,
Inside the circle of the tide;
Lo! not his scepter, nor his crown,
Lashed the still royal waves aside,
Insensible to pomp of state,
As ever flowed the ocean o,
Monarchs and serfs find all too late,
Small gains from flattery are won.
—Henry H. Fenton.

February 10, 1922 – 100 YEARS AGO
Nyack Evening Journal

       The police in New York City disclosed yesterday that Salvatore Verotta and his family were being guarded day and night against assassination by friends of four men awaiting trial for the murder of 5-year-old Giuseppe Verotta whose body was found in the Hudson River at Piermont last summer.
       It was believed that members of a Black Hand secret society have sworn to kill Verotta and his wife because their testimony was expected to send the four men now in the Tombs to the electric chair.

       The Sparkill school, which comprises 72 children of the first, second and third grades[,] was closed this week on account of scarlet fever. There are three cases reported in Sparkill but none in Piermont.

February 9, 1972 – 50 YEARS AGO
Rockland Independent/Leader

[Image: Pio DAngelo of Nanuet receives plaque from Sister Edith Petrine and Sister Ann Eigenbluer. Jerry Carbone, president of the United Italian-American Civic Association, looks on.]
       Rockland’s man of the year may well be Pio D’Angelo of Nanuet, rescuer of two Albertus Magnus nuns from a blazing car wreck on the NYS Thruway last month.
       The two nuns, Sisters Edith Petrine and Ann Eigenbluer[,] are recuperating at Nyack Hospital. D’Angelo, recently released from Ramapo General Hospital where he was treated for second degree burns, visited the nuns and was greeted with a surprise.
       In appreciation for his efforts they presented him with a plaque honoring his “gallant and heroic deed.”
       Attending the presentation was Jerry Carbone, President of the United Italian-American Civic Association, of which D’Angelo is a member.

       Orangetown Legislator John Murphy told the Independent Leader that he intends to offer a resolution at the February 22 meeting of this legislature concerning a solution to the crisis in Northern Ireland.
       The resolution calls for an immediate replacement of English troops with the United Nations peacekeeping force and a repeal of the Special Powers Act, which allows the British soldiers to imprison suspected terrorists without trial.
       Murphy is also calling on Federal representatives to urge Britain to release and grant amnesty to all those presently imprisoned under the Special Powers Act. The resolution also calls for a 32-county plebiscite, which is similar to a national referendum, which Murphy believes will lead to the reunification of Ireland.
       Murphy said that he had been moved to resolution after being asked repeatedly by his constituents if he planned any action. He said that he could not stand and watch England, which he termed “our closest free-world ally” deprive Ireland of its civil rights.

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