Crossroads of Rockland History: Skunk Hollow (Revisit)

2022-02 Crossroads - Skunk Hollow Marker

Skunk Hollow with Joan Geismar
This program originally aired on February 21, 2022. To listen, click here.

On this episode of  "Crossroads of Rockland History," we revisited the interview with historical archeologist Joan Geismar and the fascinating area known as Skunk Hollow.

Dr. Geismar has been a practicing urban archaeologist since 1981 and wrote her dissertation on Skunk Hollow. Skunk Hollow, or “the mountain,” was a free black community from 1806 to 1905. The first known deed, dated 1806, belonged to Jack Earnest from Palisades. In 1841, William Thompson, an African Methodist Episcopal itinerant preacher, bought Jack’s house, built a church on his land, and became the resident preacher. More than one hundred families lived in Skunk Hollow, including the Browns, Olivers, Siscos, Thompsons, and Williamses. 

Dr. Geismar is a founding member of Professional Archaeologists of New York City (PANYC), its president for four non-consecutive terms, and a member of the Executive Board since 1984. She also serves on the Preservation Committee of the Municipal Art Society and is the recipient of several preservation awards. In 1999, she was designated a Centennial Historian of the City of New York by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, community studies and the development of the urban condition, such as landfill, transportation, housing, and sanitation issues.

Learn more about Skunk Hollow here:  https://aahsmuseum.org/dt_portfolios/skunk-hollow/

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