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2022-04-08 TWIR Image-Sugar Loaf Nyack

April 6, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

To the Editor of the Journal:
[Image:  Sugar Loaf, Sparkill, c. 1887, John Scott Collection, Nyack Library via NYHeritage.]
       I have been very much interested in the letters in your paper from the various parts of the county, and not wishing to be behind the age, and thinking perhaps some one may be interested, I send you a few lines from the future village of Sparkill. This you know is to be a great place, in time. It is finely situated on the line of the N. R. R. of N. J., about 24 miles from New York, just one hour’s ride by said railroad; a good distance for businessmen and commuters. We have an elegant new depot which has been finished and in running order for some time. There are also quite a number of buildings going up all around the place. Mr. A. C. Mabie has nearly finished a fine new building, three stories with mansard roof, to be used as dwelling and stores. Mr. Sanials has also a fine house of the same description nearly finished. Mr. I. H. Spencer has just had erected a very tasty little building to be used as a post-office, himself to hold the honorable position of post-master. We understand that he intends carrying on a small business in connection; we wish him success. Mr. Dederer, our newly elected Supervisor, has an elegant stone mansion on the hill just north of the depot. Mr. Ludlow Smith is having an addition put to his house. Every one knows Ludlow and will be glad to hear that he is prospering in the world. Several streets and roads are being laid out and graded, and things look as if there will be a lively time here when spring fairly opens. Business in its various branches is very flourishing, Mr. Kipp, we think, taking the lead. He deals in groceries, hardware, flour and feed, liquors and coal. In the latter two articles he does a large business, both wholesale and retail. Boulevard has been a question of some importance in this section, but it has grown quiet for the present. The Sugar Loaf has had all the timber taken off it and presents rather a bare appearance. We understand they are going to take the hill down also; a good plan we think after taking the wood off. The Mountain House has a new Proprietor in the shape of little Dan.
       A thing much needed in our new village is a new public school. I think in this respect we are behind the age. The district certainly can afford to erect and support a good school of this description, and there are children enough to fill it.
       But I am taking too much of your valuable space and will cut short my harangue. More of Sparkill and school question soon. —Paul

April 6, 1922 – 100 YEARS AGO
Nyack Evening Journal

       A reward of $25 has been offered by the owners of the Majestic Theatre and Opera House in Haverstraw, for information concerning the throwing of sneezing powder and “stink pots” in both the theatres. Manager Waldron took the matter before the Village Board and a resolution was passed prohibiting the sale of sneezing powder, itching powder, etc., in the village.

April 5, 1972 – 50 YEARS AGO
Rockland Independent/Leader

       “There are fifteen to twenty children from the bus accident who are expected long-term cases. They will need care and therapy for quite a while yet. But there is only an immediate medical problem to deal with. Some of the children will need help and tutoring to overcome the retrograde amnesia and emotional problems from the accident.”
       Those words, spoken by Dr. Seymour Kizner Monday night at the Tappan Zee National Bank in Nyack, outlined the enormity of some of the problems the Nyack Emergency Fund wants to alleviate. According to temporary chairman, Jack Blecher, the need is so great that members of the Fund have an “obligation to solicit funds and not just wait to collect them as they come in.” And the need might last for years.
       Most important at the Fund’s mobilizing meeting Monday, was the establishment of an Instant Help Committee to supply funds to the families beginning immediately as they need them. The three-member committee includes Donald Brown, Howard Savitt and Dr. Kiznec. The families are invited to contact Mr. Savitt at the Nyack High School Administrative Office. ...
       According to the committee only $13,000 has been raised so far, and the members appeal to all of Rockland to aid the cause by sending a donation to the Nyack Emergency Fund, care of William Mooney, Tappan Zee National Bank, 135 Main Street, Nyack.
       Other organizations collecting relief funds for the tragedy have been contacted by the Nyack Emergency Fund. It’s hoped all those organization will merge to prevent any duplication of effort and to pool all funds.
       Chairman Blecher said the Nyack Emergency Fund was still in the process of organization and that incorporation and tax deduction status has been applied for.
       All needs of the victims and their families cannot possibly be forecast now. But the Fund wants to be able to meet those needs whenever they arise.
       Other committees appointed for the Fund are: Fund raising—Mike Campbell, Dorothy Damiani, Saul Steinklein. Nominating Committee—Bill Mooney, Frank Ciancimino, Don Brown, Mike Campbell. Public Relations—Marguerite St. Lawrence. Study Committee—Rabbi David Chanorsky, Gordon Compton, Dr. Herbert Sperling, Frank Ciancimino, and Jack Blecher.

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