Flashback Friday Archive 2021-22: Flashback Friday: Week of April 15

2022-04-15 TWIR Image-Haverstraw HS

April 13, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal


       BE VIGILANT — It is very far from our intention or wish to create unnecessary alarm in the minds of our citizens, but we would be criminal did we not warn our people to be aware of the small-pox which, just now, is making its appearance in so many parts of our State. There is, we are informed, a case or two in South Nyack, which if looked after properly by our health officers may be confined to its present location and the individual sufferer. Let prompt action be taken both by our physicians and authorities and there need be no fear that this fearful disease will make further inroads.
      An elderly Temperance delegate was observed with a suspicious looking black bottle in each of his side coat-pockets a day or two ago.
      A rumor reaches us that a new-born infant was found on or near the railroad track, a short distance above Spring Valley, a few weeks ago

April 14, 1922 – 100 YEARS AGO
Nyack Evening Journal

[Image: Haverstraw High School, Haverstraw, NY, 1914, Postcard, American News Company, New York. Courtesy of Nyack Library Local History Room via NYHeritage.]
       A rat exterminator hired by the Board of Education has arrived at the Haverstraw High School and started in on his task of ridding the school of the much talked about pests. He used a mixture of poison which he left in the lower halls of the school building It is reported that, although here is some abatement of the rats’ activities, they have not been stamped out altogether. The exterminator however guarantees his work and promises that the school that the school will soon be rid of all traces of rats.

April 16, 1972 – 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Some of the biggest crowd-pleasers in music and show business have agreed to contribute performances at an all-day benefit for victims of the Congers school bus accident next Sunday.
       Folk singer James Taylor, the jazz-rock group Blood, Sweat and Tears and comedian Myron Cohen of New City will head the bill at the Ripples of Rockland in New City. The gate-all tickets will be $5 at the door will be donated to the Nyack Emergency Fund.
       “We expect a tremendous turnout,” said Gerald Carbone, director of the event.
       Taylor and the Blood, Sweat and Tears group both have drawn sellout crowds recently at Carnegie Hall, which has a capacity of 1,800 seats. The management at Ripples would not comment on the building’s capacity.
       The benefit, which Carbone stresses is a “fund-raising event and not a concert,” was initiated by the management of Ripples shortly after the March 24 accident, which killed 5 students and injured 44 others.
       Steve Katz of New City, a member of the Blood, Sweat and Tears group, and Clem Egolf, a manager at the American Broadcasting Company, offered their services after the plan began mushrooming, a Ripples spokesman said.
       A cross-section of community groups have joined the effort. They include the United Italian-American Civic Association, of which Carbone is president, the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, Rockland County Shields, Rockland’s B’nai B’rith, The Rockland Hi-Tor Lodges, and the N.A.A.C.P. Carbone said all the groups will meet Thursday to complete the preparations.
       “It’s the most beautiful and wonderful thing the way all the groups, regardless of race or beliefs, have gotten together on this thing.” he said.
       “We hope to get something very worthwhile out of this to show the whole country what Rockland can do,” said Herb Ripples, owner of the Philips Hill Road establishment.
       “But it’s going to be a big job.” Carbone said, referring to the expected crowds.
       Special measures are being planned to control the crowds, while not limiting the number of people who can attend.
       “There will be something for everyone throughout the day,” Carbone said. He noted that there will be events “for the whole family.”
       “We just hope everyone will see what they like most, make their donation and move along so that someone else can get in,” he added.
       The performers will be on hand to sign autographs when they’re not performing. Other acts will include the Ray Brock acrobatic team; the Bergerfolk, a local singing group; a rock group called the Schooners; and entertainers Freddy Roman, Morty Gunty, and Lou Monte.
       No chairs will be provided for the event, which will be held inside the Ripples establishment. Except for coffee and cake for the entertainers, there will be no refreshments and the bar will be closed, Carbone said, “to avoid any trouble and to keep people moving along.”
       Carbone said that the organizers are seeking youth who will serve as crowd marshals at the benefit. Order is expected to be maintained by the Clarkstown police, the Sheriff ’s Patrol, and volunteers from the Policeman’s Benevolent Association and the Shields, a local policeman’s group.
       The $5 donation will be taken at the door and children under twelve years will be admitted free. No advance tickets will be sold. Carbone said that county art and merchandise dealers are urged to contribute items for an auction that will also be held for the crash victims in the future.
       Donations may also be made through a telethon that is being planned. The celebrities will receive calls.
       But noting that countless telephone calls requesting tickets have been received at the Ripples in the past 10 days, Ripples expects most people will come to the benefit.
       “I’m afraid thousands will come,” he said.

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