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2022 Q1 SOTM Cover South Nyack
Vol. 66, No. 1 — January–March, 2022


Introduction to Grace Sayres
South Nyack Village Historian Myra Starr gives us some insights into the twists and turns of researching local history. In her introduction, she makes this aside: “In doing local history often when searching in vain for a verified reference, we find a useful tidbit that we did not know even existed at all, but make a copy just in case it may complete part of a puzzle at another time or by another researcher. ‘Wait a minute! Didn’t I just see the name Mrs. Sayres in something printed out yesterday, while Iooking for the story of a World War I cannon?’ I never did find out what happened to the cannon.”

Grace Adele Morris Sayres: Saturday's Child
Carol Weiss is a retired science teacher in the South Orangetown School District, who works in the Local History Room of the Nyack Library. She has written several articles for South of the Mountains about prominent citizens in Nyack history.

The Village of South Nyack: 1878–2022
A quick view of South Nyack by your editor.

COVER PICTURE: Page 1 of Grace Sayers's Essay on South Nyack During World War I. From the collection of the Nyack Library. 

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A Thank you for this article on Grace Sayers , Grace is my Grand Mothers cousin and i knew very little about her, and her life accomplishment's, other than she was a related to the Morris Family.

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