Flashback Friday Archive 2021-22: Flashback Friday: Week of April 22

2022-04-22 TWIR Image-St Peter Havesrtraw

April 20, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

“A little nonsense now and then,
Is relished by the wisest men.”

—The girls of our county are noted as follows: Piermont, the handsomest; Clarkstown, the most superficial; Spring Valley, the fastest, and most dressy; Haverstraw, the most graceful and musical; Suffern, the biggest feet; Stony Point, the wildest; Rockland, the most intellectual; Tappantown, the proudest; Nanuet, the sweetest; Rockland Lake, the coolest; Flora Falls, the most lady-like; Nyack, for all these qualities combined.

April 20, 1932 – 90 YEARS AGO
Rockland Evening Journal

[Image: St. Peter’s Church, Haverstraw, NY, ca. 1920. B/W Postcard Dexter Press, Pearl River, NY. Courtesy Nyack Library Local History Room via NYHeritage.]
       The rattle of machine guns broke loose on the still air in Haverstraw yesterday afternoon. Chief Spissinger brought the police chariot to a halt in front of St. Peter’s Church, Broadway, and cast a suspicious eye over the thoroughfare.
       No gunmen in sight—no excitement or running crowds. What could it mean? Again the rat-a-tat-tat broke forth, this time from high above the street.
       Gazing upward in the direction of the sounds, Spissinger noted a woodpecker busily banging on the gilded cross atop the church steeple.

April 20, 1972 – 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Guest homes in and around Nanuet are being sought for about 60 members of the cast of “Up With People,” a singing group that will appear April 28–29 at the Nanuet High School auditorium.
       The teen-agers will need the accommodations for a week, beginning Sunday, with breakfast included. The 130-member cast also is singing April 26–27 at Carnegie Hall.
       “Up With People,” founded in Michigan in 1965 by students disenchanted by the cultural rebellion, was incorporated in 1968 as a non-profit educational organization and consists of 400 young people in two major casts.
       Cast A, called “non-academic,” consists of students on leave from school, on vacation or between high school and college, and is now touring Europe.
       Cast B, the “academic” section, is the one arriving Sunday in Nanuet and has been touring this country and Europe. Now working up the East Coast, Cast B will go to Middletown, Conn., and other Eastern states before concluding its tour in June.
       Students in “Up With People” enroll for ten months, after which new casts are chosen.
       Chris Ramsburg, who arrived in Nanuet last week to set up the local arrangements, said: “We have a much more positive view of life and believe in bringing out the good in people instead of the bad.”
       The casts feature songs with “moral uplift,” ranging from classical to folk to rock, in contemporary style. The 2-night stand here will aid the scholarship fund for graduating Nanuet High School seniors.
       Staying at local homes is part of the philosophy of “Up With People.” High school teachers from the Tulsa, Okla., school district and University of Hartford, Conn., instructors travel with the casts. The school district and the university have granted full accreditation to the program.

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