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2022-06-10 TWIR Image-Lukens Award

June 8, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       Boys and others who take pleasure in robbing birds’ nests and killing the old birds, should remember that there is a law punishing such work with a heavy penalty. The law reads as follows: “No person shall at any time kill, trap or expose for sale or have in his possession after the same is killed, any nighthawk, whippoorwill, finish, thrush, lark, sparrow, martin, wren, swallow, woodpecker, dove, bobolink, robin or starling, or any other insectivorous bird, or rob the nests of any wild birds, whatever, under a penalty of five dollars for each bird so killed, trapped or exposed for sale and for each nest robbed or destroyed.

       It is with pleasure that we learned that such enterprising citizens as Brewster Valentine, Peter V. King, George A. Jones, Floyd Bailey, William H. Whiton, Rodman G. Moulton, and others, are determined to make of the beautiful site of Sparkill one of the most desirable and attractive places that can be found on the line of the Northern Railroad.
       The officers of this road have generously donated about one and one-half acres of ground between Sugarloaf Hill and the Sparkill station for a public park, which will be laid out and planted in a handsome manner. Other first-class improvements will speedily follow, and land which a few years ago was almost worthless, will soon bring its thousands per acre.

June 8, 1932 90 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Evening Journal

       That nudist camp near Highland in Ulster County, which is being so greatly publicized of late, is operated by none other than Vincent Arnold Burke of West Haverstraw, according to latest reports.
       First reports indicated that the flame haired young man called himself merely “Vincent Arnold,” but investigators and news reporters dug further and discovered that “Burke” belongs after the two names he uses at his Camp Olympia.
       Burke is remembered in Rockland County as the author of several “Letters to the Editor” which appeared in The Journal a year or so ago, relative to the expansion of the Socialist Party in this county. Burke was the secretary of the organization. He is a Haverstraw High School graduate.
       From reporters who have “invaded” the colony in Highland, come statements of nude bathing parties, nude bridge parties and nude everything in general—except when word had come that a visit by State Troopers was forthcoming.
       Inspector A. B. Moore, special investigator for the Governor, and Sgt. Lockhart, of the State Police, called Burke into one of the camp houses for a conference. When he emerged, it is said that Burke’s face was the color of his flaming red hair and that his former jocose manner had quite disappeared.
       Yesterday, reports indicate about 50 of the cultists had taken leave of Camp Olympia since investigations and careful watching have been ordered, and the latest information is that the camp will effect a compromise with semi-nudism.
       Vincent A. Burke was formerly employed by the Consolidated Gas Company, 14th Street and University Place, New York City, Sgt. Lockhart commented. Later, Burke took a few social science courses at Columbia and still later he suddenly popped up as a cult leader.

June 7, 1972 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       Honorary membership in the Rockland County Chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children was given to Mrs. Kathleen Lukens of Tappan at the group’s annual meeting this week at Dominican College of Blauvelt.
       According to Mary Bader, a learning disabilities teacher at the Board of Cooperative Educational Services who was reelected lor a third term as president, Mrs. Lukens was honored “for her efforts on behalf of all handicapped children in Rockland.” Mrs. Lukens heads Camp Venture for handicapped youngsters and is involved in other programs for the physically and mentally retarded.
       Guest speaker was Victor Reing, newly appointed director of special education for the Ramapo 2 School District. He explained new trends in special education in the R-2 district which runs the largest such program in Rockland outside of BOCES.
       Mrs. Lukens will speak at the 20th annual state convention of the Association for Exceptional Children, Oct. 12–15, at the Concord Hotel, Kiamesha Lake.

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