Flashback Friday Archive 2021-22: Flashback Friday: Week of June 17

2022-06-17 TWIR Image-Valley Cottage

June 15, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

      The season has not fairly commenced yet and Nyack is filled overflowing with summer boarders.
      E. D. Hesdra is making valuable and substantial improvements on his property, near the M. E. Church.
      The brickyard of Johnson & Stryker at Tappan has been leased to Mr. Steven Billings of Verplanks.
      The Haverstraw people intend to build a monument to their dead soldiers; $200 have been subscribed thus far.
      The man who lost a hat on last Saturday night can have it by applying to Herman, chief engineer of the sprinkling cart.
      Pansies of the most beautiful varieties came to us this week from the conservatories of James J. Blauvelt, Pearl River.
      The graves of twenty-two soldiers at Mount Repose Cemetery, Haverstraw, were strewn with flowers last Thursday.

June 15, 1932 90 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Evening Journal

[Image: Country Road, Valley Cottage (actually Kings Highway), ca. 1915. Courtesy of the Valley Cottage Library, via NYHeritage.]
       Vacationists and visitors to Valley Cottage and vicinity will be asked to walk circumspectly again this Summer. Permanent residents are sick and tired of seeing city visitors in all stages of undress on the highways and byways and intend to do something about it.
       Last night Henry Fulle, Thomas Haggerty, Charles Witzell, Phillip Kline, and Kenneth Dunbar were appointed special constables by the Clarkstown Board to keep the undress parade in its proper place. Valley Cottage does not object to visitors, they indicated, but there is a limit to the liberties these vacationists may take.
       Disorderly conduct and indecent exposure will be the chief concerns of the constables, and those who transgress will find themselves before a judge. The plan worked well late in the season last year so the community is off to a flying start for the coming Summer.

June 15, 1972 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

A $140,000 BURN
       The pungent odor of marijuana settled over New City Thursday morning.
       That’s right, marijuana.
       It came from the chimney of the county jail and was the remains of some $140,000 in drugs being burned inside.
       The drugs burned in the jail incinerator—“every drug imaginable,” according to Sheriff Raymond A. Lindemann—represented most of the illegal narcotics confiscated by police in the county since May 1970.
       They had been stored in the evidence locker in the district attorney’s office and were relinquished for burning after the criminal cases involved were completed.
       Lindemann and District Attorney Robert R. Meehan supervised the drug disposal.

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