This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of August 26

2022-08-26 TWIR Image-Cedar Pond Stony Point

August 24, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       For several months past John V. Onderdonk has been engaged in devising and scheming as to how he could introduce water from the hill to his brick block on Main street. The water from Lydecker’s spring had been promised him, but [when] he attempted to use it a lawsuit stared him in the face. He finally spoke with the matter to Edward Hesdra, when that gentleman offered him the use of his well, and if that failed his spring. On Thursday, the water was led into the supply pipe, and now the entire block of eight houses is supplied with pure spring water. The pipe that supplies the water is lead-tin lined, one and a quarter inches in diameter and 2,200 feet long; the water level is eighty-five feet. The pipe was manufactured by Tatham & Co., and is the best article in the market.

       On Sunday night last, there came near being a tragedy in a lager beer saloon, kept by one Hoefler, in Spring Valley. From what we have learned of the particulars, it appears that a man and a woman went into Hoefler’s saloon to drink lager, and while there got into a difficulty with the proprietor. In the course of the melee, Hoefler seized a gun and fired it at the man but missed him. The animated target then struck out for constable Cooper, who came on the process when Hoefler shot at him. After much difficulty Hoefler was secured, finally, with the assistance of Dr. Humphrey, and conveyed to New City jail, where in default of $3,000 bail, he will remain to await the action of the grand jury. It is said that Hoefler, when under the influence of undue stimulant, is a dangerous character; it is to be hoped he will be prevented from doing harm for some time to come.

August 26, 1932 90 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal News

[Image:  Cedar Pond Brook, Stony Point, NY, c. 1910  John Scott Collection, Courtesy of the Nyack Library via NYHeritage.]
       Izaak Walton’s Stony Point followers have undertaken to form a fishing club in their community. It was learned today that the group led by William Malloy, Minott Phillips, Frank Clark, Royal Dykens, and others, has cleared off about eight acres of land on the Willis Ambrey farm, Bulsontown.
       For weeks, the group has been pulling stumps and clearing away the underbrush on the large tract through the center of which flows Cedar Pond Creek. A dam has been constructed of concrete which will create a beautiful lake of sizeable proportions.
       The lake is privately owned by the group and was stocked this week with 15,000 small brook trout. Fishing in the lake will be strictly confined to only those who are members of the club.
       The organization of the club has not yet been completed, but it is expected that this will get under way next week, and that membership will be opened to fishermen who might be interested in such an organization.

August 25, 1972 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

       A 26-year-old Nyack policeman escaped from a crushed and wrecked patrol car Thursday afternoon, only slightly injured and shaken, to the amazement of a crowd that gathered at the scene.
       Patrolman John Aitken was gunning his car up Depew Avenue, siren screaming and red lights flashing, on his way to another accident when he was hit, Nyack police reported.
       Aitken's car was slammed almost broadside by a panel truck driven by Anthony Modafferi of Undercliff Drive, Upper Nyack, police said. The patrol car was flipped onto its top and was crushed.
       Nyack firemen were called to the scene and hosed down the car to prevent damage from fire.
       Aitken was taken to Nyack Hospital, treated for minor injuries, and released.
       A woman who witnessed the accident commented later that the black and white communities in the area worked together to pull the patrolman out of the car.
       No charges have been pressed in the accident, and police said accidents often happen when emergency vehicles are on their way to work. The police car might have gone through a red light at the intersection of Depew and Broadway, a right any emergency vehicle has, but police had no information on this today.
       Another police car was reportedly smashed at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Route 9W in Haverstraw Thursday when a truck rolled into the parked auto.
       The car was one belonging to the Palisades Interstate Park police, but desk officers refused to give details this morning, claiming that when a park-owned vehicle is involved in an accident it can't be made public record.

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