This Week in Rockland: Newspaper Excerpts: Flashback Friday: Week of November 4

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November 2, 1872 – 150 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Journal

       On Tuesday forenoon Mrs. A. C. Boyd, of Spring Valley, procured a pot of concentrated lye, which she attempted to open but could not. She then threw it into a boiler filled with scalding water, thinking, perhaps, that the stuff would dissolve. It failed to do so, when she took it out and handed it to the errand boy, “Jim,” and asked him to open it. Jim struck it a sharp blow with an axe, and immediately there followed a fearful explosion which threw the caustic matter in every direction, but the bulk of which flew into the unfortunate lad’s face and eyes. The poor boy was instantly blinded, and the excruciating pain from the sealing alkali wan almost beyond human endurance.
       The lad was conveyed as speedily as possible to the New York Hospital, but one eye is hopelessly gone, and it is feared he will lose the other.

November 3, 1932 90 YEARS AGO
Rockland County Leader

       A new Wappler X-Ray machine has been installed in the Good Samaritan Hospital at Suffern, enabling that institution to do X-ray work that is thoroughly modern and up-to-the-minute.
       The new machine is the gift of Dr. B. E. Wilkinson of Paterson. It is equipped with Coolidge tubes and produces pictures in greater detail than the other types of machines afforded.
       Dr. Wilkinson is the head of the X-ray department of Good Samaritan Hospital and is assisted by Dr. A. M. Hambright of Ridgewood.

November 4, 1972 50 YEARS AGO
The Journal News

[Image:  Arthur Thompson, 1972]
       Arthur Thompson, baritone, will appear in concert at St. Paul’s Zion Church. 121 West Street, Spring Valley, on Sunday. Nov. 12 at 4 p.m. Mr. Thompson, a former Spring Valley resident, was a member of the church before he began his operatic career.
       He won the Lucretia Broni Award for singing in 1970, and the Marian Anderson award in 1971. He was also presented the Ezio Pinza Award for Baritones from Delphi studio in Connecticut, a graduate of Hartt College of Music, and a former scholarship student at Juilliard School of Music in Manhattan. Mr. Thompson performed in the Hartford Symphony production of “Porgy and Bess,” as well as in numerous other concert performances with the Hartford Symphony, The New York Philharmonic, Miami, Springfield, and St. Louis symphonies.
       He is a member of the Metropolitan Opera Studio, and the Young Concert Artist’s Association.
       His concert in Spring Valley will mark his return to the Rockland area following a concert tour through Minnesota and the mid-west. His schedule for the coming year includes a tour of Europe as well as the U.S. Tickets for Sunday’s concert are $3 for adults, and $1.50 for students, and can be obtained through St. Paul’s A.M.E. Zion Church.

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