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SOTM Contents: Jul-Dec 2022

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Vol. 66, Nos. 3–4 — July–December 2022



Who Was Alice Beal Parsons?
A chance find, many years ago, of an old book called The Mountain, by Alice B. Parsons, at the Pickwick Book Shop in Nyack, entranced your editor with its lyrical descriptions of the author’s life in South Nyack. This led to years of searching for the other books by this now forgotten writer and putting together a narrative of her life.

“Dexter’s Villa”
From Chapter VII of The Mountain, by Alice B. Parsons

Book Reviews
Your editor reviews two children’s books that are set in Rockland County and are for kids of all ages.

Tree of Light
In the January–March 2022 issue of South of the Mountains, Carol Weiss wrote about Grace Sayres’ donation of a tree of light to Memorial Park in Nyack. Your contributing editor found some more information about this tradition.

Flashback Friday
Our trusty and multitalented Clare Sheridan has been creating this email blast since the fall of 2019.

From the Collections
Senior Historian Marianne B. Leese works many hours a week with our collections. She writes of an old letter donated to the Historical Society by the New Jersey Historical Society.

The Garden Fence
Boy Scout Jack Kowalski built a new, strong, and beautiful fence around the Three Sisters Plant-a-Row kitchen garden on the grounds of the Historical Society for his community contribution project to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Advertisement for The Mountain, by Alice Beal Parsons, in the New York Times, February 7, 1944. From the collection of the Syracuse University Library.

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