The Tappan Zee Bridge DVD

Tappan Zee Bridge DVD Cover

Transforming Rockland County

produced, directed, and edited by Brian Crowder and Annmarie Lanesey

Built during a time of great optimism in America, the Tappan Zee Bridge led
Rockland County into the era of the automobile. Along with the New York
State Thruway, the bridge enabled Rockland County to modernize its roads
and support a highway system that would tie it to the rest of the country.
Cutting-edge building techniques anchored the Tappan Zee Bridge across
the Hudson and connected two shores where only ferries had once made
the crossing. Come along on this ride of progress and discover the remarkable
story of the cantilever bridge that transformed Rockland County!

Approx. 30 min; color; stereo

2009, not rated

New York State residents must add 8⅜ percent sales tax.

The Tappan Zee Bridge: Transforming Rockland County DVD

$ 10.00