Rockland History: Through Your Eyes

September 26, 2010 —November 07, 2010

The Historical Society of Rockland County Presents

Rockland History
Through Your Eyes

When: September 26November 7, 2010
Where: HSRC History Center, 20 Zukor Road, New City
Admission: $FREE (but donations are greatly appreciated)

For this special exhibition, guest curator George Potanovic invited thirty-nine artists to submit images that define their sense of place and time in Rockland County history. The participating artists included Rosemary Aiello, Barbara Algert, Edward Brophy, Bob Burghardt, Ruth Ellen Carlsen, Manonce Celestine,Heather Leigh Douglas, Diane Drescher, Andrea Egert, Timothy Englert, Mariel Myra Farlow, Collette Fournier, Susan Freiman, Ellen Galinsky, Arthur Patrick Gilmore, Arthur Gunther III, Janice Hardy, Jane Herman, Harriet Hyams, Lynne Furst Kalish, Eric David Laxman, Paula Madawick, Jorge Madrigal, Dorice Arden Madronero, Jeanie Neyer, Danielle O’Brien, Joan Ellen Quinn, Natasha Rabin, Carl Rattner, Lee Ross, Sally Savage, William Sayles, Ursula Schneider, Murray Schwimmer, Erwin Sityar, Susan Stava, Paul Tappenden, Dyana Van Campen, Helena Walsh, and Joy Yagdid

The public was invited to meet the artists at the opening reception on Sunday, October 3, at 1 pm, in the HSRC's History Center Galleries.


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