Sports in Rockland County: 100 Years of Cheer

March 09, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008, was the opening of Sports in Rockland County: 100 Years of Cheers. Co-Curated by Jessica Kuhnen and Gretchen Weerheim, the show ran through October 12, 2008. The exhibition included:
  • Team jerseys from John Flaherty, former NY Yankee player and current announcer -- one from his Yankee days, one from the Red Sox and Tampa Bay
  • Boxing gloves of Max Schmelling who fought Joe Louis
  • Track & field equipment and awards of Joe St. Lawrence
  • Olympian Charles "Jumbo" Strack, a wrestler, who later turned pro
  • Olympian Elizabeth "Pat" Ryan, who at age 13 went to the Berlin Olympics for swimming
  • Olympic alternate Eugene "Gene" Erickson, an ice hockey player who was active until his 70s
  • NFL Football player Dr. Daniel Fortmann, a guard with the Chicago Bears who was elected to the NFL hall of fame
  • Rare photographs of Babe Ruth playing baseball in Nyack in 1920
  • The Dodgers at Bear Mountain; ski jumpers at Bear Mountain
  • Rare photos of baseball teams from 1886 and 1890
  • Special Olympics Memorabilia.
Also featured was a Sports Memories Corner where visitors were invited to write down their special sports memories which were posted on the wall in the corner and have been archived as part of Rockland's preservation of local memories.


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