Iron! The Beauty of a Common Medium

2007 Exhibition image
July 15, 2007 —October 14, 2007

The Historical Society of Rockland County Presents

Iron! The Beauty of a Common Medium

When: July 15–October 14, 2007
Where: HSRC History Center, 20 Zukor Road, New City
Admission: ?

This special exhibition curated by Delia Tolz explored the history of the iron industry in Rockland County, from its origins in the iron ore mines in the Ramapo Mountains; the forges and factories of the Dater, Pierson and Suffern families, as well as other factories to its eventual demise during the first part of the 20th century.

Beautiful, unique and diverse forged iron pieces such as household tools, utensils, blacksmithing tools, vehicles, carpentry tools, lighting and more were featured, in addition to miners’ costumes.

Visitors had the opportunity to examine common household iron items such as pots, tools and—an iron!


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