Arts in Everyday Life

2006 Exhibition Arts
March 01, 2006

The Historical Society of Rockland County Presents

Arts in Everyday Life
Rockland Traditions

When: 2006
Where: HSRC History Center, 20 Zukor Road, New City
Admission: ?

Rockland is defined by its diversity, home to a population that ranges from commuting professionals to traditional farming communities to recent and early immigrant groups, as well as the descendants of some of America‘s earliest settlers.

The exhibition “Arts in Everyday Life: Rockland Traditions” examines some of the history of these groups through the traditions, performances, and arts of Rockland‘s communities. Although we may take many of our “everyday arts” for granted—the ways we celebrate special occasions or tell our children about the countries their forebears left behind”in this exhibition they are the “artifacts” of Rockland's rich contemporary history.

Co-curated by Delia Tolz and Michael Murphy, this rich and varied exhibition featured many local artists, including:

  • Aurelia Fernandez (piñata making)
  • Mid-Hudson Carvers Guild (wood carving)
  • Marion Dolhun and Patty Wiszuk-Deangelo (Ukrainian Easter traditions and pysanky art)
  • Tjok Gde Arsa Artha (Balinese art and carvings)
  • Elinor Aishah Holland (Islamic calligraphy)
  • Ruth Geneslaw (Torah mantle)
  • Latin Passion for the Arts (Latin costumes and instruments)
  • Various artists (Haitian Creole dolls, paintings and art carvings)
  • Laura Josephson (icon art)
  • Jody Richards and Capoiera (sacred cross-based artworks)


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