Preservation Award Winners, 1991-2023

2014 May Is Preservation Month

Rockland County Executive's Historic Preservation Merit Award Winners, 1997-2023*

Margaret B. and John R. Zehner Award for contributions to the county's history and for underscoring the value of historic preservation to the community:

1997     Claire K. Tholl (1926-1995), Historic Architect (posthumous award)
1998     Marianne Leese, Historical Society of Rockland County
1999     Nash Castro, Executive Director, Palisades Interstate
                   Park Commission (Ret.)
2000     Betty Hedges, President, Rockland County Conservation Association
2001     Alice M. Haagensen (1900-2006), Local Historian, Palisades
2002     Paul Melone (1912-2008), Tappan
2003     Carole Morrill (1932-2002), Preservationist, Historian, and Teacher (posthumous award)
2004     Richard J. Koke (1917-2008), Historian
2005     Nancy Cacioppo, Staff Writer, Journal News
2007     Robert P. Knight, Town Historian, Clarkstown
2008     Thomas F.X. Casey (1935-2009), Rockland County Historian and HSRC
2010     Craig H. Long, Municipal Historian
2011     Travis E. Jackson, Ed.D., Educator and Historian
2013     Firth Haring Fabend, Author and Historian
2014     J. Herbert Dahm, Historian and Preservationist, West Nyack
Maria Nakazawa, Preservationist, Valley Cottage
2016     Corinne McGeorge, Hudson Valley Exhibits Inc.
2017     Alice Gerard, Author and Historian
2018    Edward J. Lenik, Archaeologist and Author
Virginia Norfleet, Preservationist

Preservation Leadership for individuals, groups, and government agencies that display outstanding leadership or continuing contribution to the preservation of historic resources in Rockland County:

1991     Dorothy Mellet (1920-2009), Blauvelt, and Town of Stony Point 
1992     George B. Turrell (1952-2011)Historical Review Board, Town of Clarkstown; and Tappantown Historical Society 
Roger Pellegrini, Supervisor, Town of Orangetown, for taking a lead in preserving historic buildings
              in Orangetown; 
Spring Valley Water Company and River Vale Realty for preserving the sandstone
              Michael Salyer and Teaberry Port houses [Note: Sadly, Teaberry Port was demolished in 2012]
1994     Arthur H. Gunther III for helping to preserve Rocklanders’ heritage through his “Column Rule” column
              in the
Journal News; Danforth W. Toan (1918-2013), Architect, for working tirelessly for almost thirty years on the
              Orangetown Historic Review Board

1995     S. Hazard Gillespie (1910-2011) for his work toward creating the Tappan Zee Scenic District

1996     Don Loprieno, Facility Manger, Stony Point Battlefield Historic Site, for his work in renovating the
              Stony Point Lighthouse and its Fresnel lens; 
Rosemary Aiello (1935-2013), Potter and Ceramic
              Artist, for her innovative and creative programs for schoolchildren inspired by her interest in the
              Haverstraw brickyards

1997     Friends of the Nyacks for their community garden, playground, and park projects and generally for
              raising awareness of the historic attributes of Nyack; 
John Scott (1916-2005) for his work as
              Senior Historian of the Historical Society of Rockland County and his inauguration of the Historical
              Marker Program; the Village of Montebello for its adaptive use of the Stanley Mores-Greene home
              as its Village Hall, as well as its retention of stone walls in the village and preservation of Indian Rock
1998     Citizens of the Town of Stony Point for their support of public acquisition of Letchworth Village property
              in Stony Point; 
the Mount Moor Cemetery Association for its preservaton of the oldest African American
              burial ground in Rockland County, in West Nyack

Scenic Hudson Inc. and the West Branch Conservation Association for their acquisition of the High Tor
              Vineyards to protect the High Tor ridge line from development

Bear Mountain State Park, Palisades Interstate Park Commission (Carol Ash, Executive Director),
              for long-term efforts to preserve parkland and open space in Rockland County; 
Eugebe Kuykendall 
              (1929-2001), President, Sloatsburg Historical Society, and Ron Anagnostis, Principal, Sloatsburg
              Elementary School, for outstanding local history programs for fourth-grade classes; 
Steven M. Hurley,
              Supervisor, Town of Stony Point, for collaborating with the Open Space Institute to save Washington’s
Thom Kleiner, Supervisor, Town of Orangetown, for appointing a municipal Historic District
              Sign Committee

C. Scott Vanderhoef, Rockland County Executive, for his long-term support of local history and creation of
              the Rockland County Board for Historic Preservation

Eugene L. Kuykendall (1929-2001), Sloatsburg, and Robert Burghardt (1926-2002), Thiells (posthumous awards)
Charles Holbrook, Supervisor, Town of Clarkstown for acquiring land on West Hook Mountain to protect the
              ridge line and for its adoptoin in January 2002 of a historic road preservation law; 
Geoffrey Welch, Hillburn, for
              his historic and environmental preservation work in the Ramapo River Valley; 
Jack Focht for his work in creating
              and managing the Trailside Museums and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park

Margaret English (1912-2003) for her restoration of houses throughout Rockland County; Winston C. Perry Jr.
              for his efforts to create and promote the Long Path and other regional hiking trails as historic resources
Robert Goldberg, Friends of the Nyacks and Historical Society of the Nyacks, for his work in coordinating the
              Armchair Walking Tour series of historical talks

2006     The
Genealogical Society of Rockland County for its twenty years of effort in preserving genealogical resources
              and making them available to the public

Christopher St. Lawrence, Supervisor, Town of Ramapo, for his Visionary Open Space Program that mandates
              protection or preservation of historically and culturally significant properties that are endangeed

Peter J. Scheibner, Rockland County Archivist
Jeffrey S. Oppenheim, MD, Mayor of Montebello
Jeffrie Lane, Architect
2013     Chuck Stead, Environmental Educator and Storyteller
Kathy and Harold Jones for their stewardship of the DeWint House in Tappan
Brian Jennings for pioneering the application of digital technology to the local history collections at the Nyack
             and New City public libraries, allowing Rocklanders and others to more readily acccess important and growing
             sources of local history.
2016     Friends of Harmony Hall, Sloatsburg, and John Green Preservation Coalition, Nyack
2017     The Hon. George Hoehmann, Supervisor, Town of Clarkstown

2018     Marie Monteagudo, Historian, Village of Chestnut Ridge
2019     Virginia and John Wall, West Nyack
2023     Haverstraw Brick Museum, Haverstraw

Preservation/Restoration for the maintenance of the historic form, appearance and materials of a property or the accurate recovery of the form or details of a property and its setting as it appeared at a particular period of time by removing non-historic modifications or replacing or reproducing missing earlier work:

1991     Grace Episcopal Church for restoring its Gothic Revival church complex in Nyack; Jerry and Barbara Conques,
              owners, for preserving the Edward Salyer House, Pearl River; Debra and Steven Preston, owners, for restoring
              the Egyptian House/Temple of Luxor, Wesley Hills
Peter Strasser, Strasser and Associates, for restoring the
              Osborn Barn, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

1993     Julia and Charles Grudzinskas, owners, for restoring Glenholme, Nyack; t
he Piermont Commercial Corporation,
              Piermont Residential Corporation, and Thomas Arkin and Irene S. Blanchard for preserving the Piermont Flywheel

1994     Reverend James L. Johnson, Pastor, for preserving the Tappan Reformed Church
Sylvia Roth, owner, for
              preserving the Joseph Cornell House, South Nyack; 
William and Sue Walther, owners, for preserving the
              Trenchard House, Palisades

1995     First Reformed Church of Nyack for restoring the Clock Tower, Nyack; 
Jeffrey and Lynne Sandhaus, owners, for
              restoring the Big House, Snedens Landing
John and Allison McVeigh for restoring the Sickels/Tallman House,
Deborah and Richard Sears for restoring Cliffside, Snedens Landing; Robert E. Meadows, Historic
              Architect; Stuart Tray, Archaeologist; and Restorations of New York City
for restoring the DeWint House/George
              Washington's Headquarters, Tappan

1996     Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt for preserving the Sacred Heart Building, St. Dominic Convent, Blauvelt; 
Grand Lodge
              of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York
for restoring the DeWint House kitchen, Tappan; 
              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bollato Jr. for preserving the Sloat House, Sloatsburg; Nyack Library Board of Trustees
              for preserving the Nyack Library, built in 1903 as a Carnegie library

1997     Dr. Mary Mercer for preserving the Carson McCullers House, South Nyack; 
Edward Richardson for restoring the
              Edward Richardson House, Nyack; 
Melanie and Irwin Kuperberg for restoring the Bogert-Clark-Kuperberg
              House, Blauvelt; 
Nancy W. Russell for restoring the Paul-Jones-Schueler House, Congers
1998     David Antony Easton and James Steinmeyer for restoring Balderbrae (Wilderness), the stone garden retreat
              of Walter Robb and Louise Beebe Wilder, Suffern; 
Hans and Kathy Landolt for restoring the Valley Cottage; 
              Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geiger for restoring the Blauvelt Amos Homestead, Blauvelt; St. Charles African Methodist
              Episcopal Zion Church
, Sparkill, for preserving its sanctuary and constructing a splendid wing
1999     Betty and Paul Melone for restoring the D. D. Campell House, Tappan; 
Charlene Ikelheimer Stern for preserving
              Eleazar Lord’s Castle, Piermont; 
Donna and Donald Syko for preserving the Syko Horse and Carriage Barn,
Stanley Czarnicki for restoring the Vervalen House, Tappan; Charles Holbrook, Supervisor, and Charles
              Connington, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, Town of Clarkstown
, for restoring the John J. Post-Sterbenz
              Barn, Congers; 
William H. Pindar, Executive Director, for preserving the Gilmor Sloane House, Stony Point
2000     Thomas Mazziotti, owner, for restoring the Hader House, Grand View-on-Hudson; 
William Elson, owner, for
               restoring the Guglielmello House, Piermont

2001     Gerard Corbett Family for restoring the Dr. Laird House, Haverstraw; 
John E. Long, Director, S. W. Johnson Steam
              Fire Engine Company No. 1, for restoring the LaFrance Button Steam Pumper, Garnerville; 
Laurie Berube and
              Henry Grossbard
, owners, for restoring the Knapp-Grossbard-Berube House, Piermont; Lester A. Clark, owner,
              for preserving Boulderberg Manor, Tomkins Cove; 
Sue Kagan, owner, for restoring the Kagan House, Tappan
2002     First Street Homeowners for restoring and preserving facades on historic First Street, Haverstraw

2003     Leslie Smolen and Rodney Smith, owners, for restoring the Woolsey-Smith House, Snedens Landing; 
              PJ and Charles Mouquin, owners, for restoring the John Ferdon-Mouqin House, Sparkill
2004     Jeff Croyle, owner, for restoring the Mabie-Croyle House, Tappan; 
Joseph Maraia and Edward Mistretta,
              owners, for restoring the Hotel St. George, Nyack; 
Susan and Gordon Plotkin, owners, for restoring the
              Plotkin House, South Nyack

2005     Christine and Ken Potter, owners, and Jeffrie Lane, Architect, for restoring the Kill von Beast Miller's Cottage,
              Valley Cottage; 
Clare and William Sheridan, owners, Jane Slavin, Architect, and Tom Di Benedetto,
              Contractor, for restoring the Stebbins House, Tappan

2006     Walter Cain and Paulo Ribiero, owners, and 
George B. Turrell (1952-2011), Preservation Contractor, for
              restoring Ferdon Hall, Sparkill

2007     Ceci Thomas and Michael Davidson, owners, and Claudia and Alan Ruck, previous owners, for
              preserving the Miller House, Piermont; 
Grisha Davida, owner, for restoring the 1749 Dutch Colonial
              house at 352 South Piermont Avenue, Piermont

2008     Heidi and Alan Boucher, owners, for preserving the D. D. Campbell House, Tappan; 
Jan Degenshein,
              owner, for restoring 207 South Broadway, Nyack; 
Pamela and Joseph Printz, owners, for restoring
              16 Andre Hill, Tappan

2011     Donald Hoover, Pastor, for preserving the Tappan Reformed Church; 
Mary Cardenas, Director, 
              Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives
, for preserving the Salyer House, Pearl River; 
              Charles H. Vezzetti, Superintendent of Highways, for restoring the Bridge Street Bridge, Piermont
2013     Thomas M. Mingone, Capital Management Group, for restoring the Colonial Revival House at
              167 East Central Avenue, Pearl River

2014     Heritage of West Nyack for preserving Pye's Corner/Richard's Corner, West Nyack; 
              Barclay and Walter Aurell
, owners, for restoring the Mabie House, Orangeburg
Eileen and David Feikens, owners, for their restoration of the Demarest House in West Nyack
Village of Upper Nyack, Nyack Joint Fire Commission, Jan Degenshein
2023    Town of Clarkstown, Supervisor George Hoehmann, Stephen Tilly, Architectfor their restoration of the Onderdonck-Talman-
            Budke House, West Nyack

Rehabilitation (new category in 2017) acknowledges the need to alter or add to a historic property to meet continuing or changing uses while retaining the property's historic character

2017   Joe Brancato and Andrew Horn, Penguin Repertory Theatre, Stony Point
2019   Village of Piermont and Piermont Historical Society, for the Piermont Train Station, Piermont
2019   Paul Walker and Jay Snyder, Bernard Weintraub, and Kier Levesque, for 32 Tallman Avenue, Nyack
2023   Andrew Asgar, CPA, for 125 East Central Avenue, Pearl River (formerly St. Stephen's Episcopal Church)
Continuing Use
 for well-preserved commercial, industrial, and civic structures still used for original or similar functions that have retained their architectural integrity due to continued and sensitive maintenance:

1992     Alfred Venturini for the Lafayette Theatre, Suffern
1993     Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library
1995     Jean Wort, Hudson Highlands Cruises and Tours, for the Commander ferry and excursion boat
1997     Ann and Peppe Pinton for Il Portico Ristorante, Tappan; Lenore Amir for the Pomona schoolhouse building
1998     James Barnard for the Bauer-Crowley Building, Sparkill
1999     Dr. Paul Scharff, Rudolph Steiner Fellowship Foundation, for Duryea Farm, Chestnut Ridge
2000     Robert Devino, Director, for Tomkins Cove Public Library
2001     Jeff and Tom Beneville, owners, for the Julius Petersen Inc. Boatyard, Upper Nyack; 
              Peter Horton, Director, for the Hickory Hill Cooperative, Tappan
2002     Jan and Niles Davies for Dr. Davies Farm, Congers;
              Palisades Yonderhill Associates, owners, for Yonderhill Dwellers, Palisades
2003     Empire Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 for the Goosetown/Upper Nyack Firehouse
              Robert and Ari Benmosche, owners, for the Lafayette Theatre, Suffern
2005     Antrim Players Inc. for the Suffern Community Club, now known as the Antrim Playhouse, Suffern
2006     Ginsburg Development Corporation, owner, for the Simon/Stone Building, Haverstraw
2007     Meryl and Darren Mill, owners, for Christmas Hill Barn, Airmont
2013     Relief Hose Company No. 3, Haverstraw
2014     Nick Loucas for Lucas Candies, Haverstraw

Adaptive Use for successfully rehabilitating a property to a state of utility through repair or sympathetic alterations that makes an efficient new use possible while preserving those portions or features of the property that are significant to its historical, architectural, and cultural values:

1991     Bertram Cross and Barbara Ito for the English Barn, New City;
              Maureen and Roger Pellegrini for Haddock's Hall, Piermont

1994     Betty and Paul Melone for The Stable, Tappan
1995     Helen and Andrew Norman for the Dovecote at Niederhurst, Snedens Landing
1997     Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives for the Michael Salyer House, Pearl River
1998     Ann and Frank Vitale for Builson's Meat and Grocery, Tomkins Cove; 
              New York Veterans Administration for Camp Shanks Museum, Orangeburg;
              Nyack Center, Inc., for the 1839 Presbyterian Church, Nyack
1999     Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York (Harold Jones, Superintendent)
              for the DeWint Carriage House, Tappan;
 Richard Riccardino for Malloy's Pharmacy Stony Point
2000     Village of Suffern, Andrew C. Haggerty, Mayor, and Howard Glinsky, Trustee, for the
Wells Fargo Depot/Suffern Railroad Museum
2001     Alisa and William M. Stein, owners, for the West Haverstraw Railroad Station; Clarkstown Central
              School District, Dr. William Heebink, Superintendent, for the Carnochan Mansion, Congers;
              Karen Acker, owner, and Laurel Robertson, Project Supervisor, for Couch Court, Nyack
2002     Historical Society of the Palisades Interstate Park Region for the Dormitory Wing of St. John's-in-the-Wilderness
2004     Robin Rosenberg, President and Co-Owner, for Rockland Print Works/Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center;
              Sherry and John K. Greene, owners, for the Allison-Earnest-Greene Barn, Stony Point
2005     Daniel Regan, Developer, for Tappan Grammar School codominiums
2006     Town of Clarkstown, Alex Gromack, Supervisor, and Rebecca Fellerman Lauer, Architect, for the
Congers Train Station
2011     North Rockland Central School District, Ileana Eckert, Superintendent, and Benito Herrero, Principal),
              for Fieldstone Secondary School, Thiells; 
Town of Orangetown Mighty Midgets Soccer Association
              for Stone Dairy Barn, Orangeburg

2012     Amy Lehman and Matt Hudson, owners, and Serge Raoul, previous owner, for Village Hall/Hudson
              House Restaurant
, Nyack
2013     Jan Degenshein, Architect, and Open Arms Inc., for Supportive Living Facility for Women, Nyack
2015     Andrea Caccuro and Nelson Diaz for the 
S. C. Blauvelt House (a.k.a. Casa Hudson), Haverstraw
2016     Richard Sena for 151 Broadway, Haverstraw, and Tappan Library, for Borcher Stable
 Lake Tappan Development for the Perry Blauvelt Seth House, now the Club at Pearl River Community Center, Pearl River
2017     Michelle and Joe Natale for the William Felter House, now the Bricktown Inn, Haverstraw
2017     Palisades Community Center for the Palisades School House, now the Palisades Community Center
2019     Michael Bruno, for Valley Rock Inn and Mountain Club, Sloatsburg

for historic sites or structures rescued from possible demolition and being reclaimed for further use:

1999     Tracy and Ron DeMatteis for Aldente Restaurant/Glenwood Hotel, Sloatsburg
2000     Maria and Hiro Nakazawa for the Knickerbocker Ice Company's Continental Hotel, Rockland Lake
2004     Louse and Stuart Newsome, owners, for Berachach HallSouth Nyack 
2006     Eli Josephs, owner, and Jo Machinist, Architect, for the Josephs House, Snedens Landing
2007     Village of Piermont, owner, for the Piermont Train Station, Piermont
2014     Walter Cain and Paulo Ribeiro for the Heitman House, Piermont 
2015     Christopher DeGennaro, for the 
Old Rose Cemetery, Stony Point, with honorable mentions to:
              Stony Point Boy Scout Troop 61; 
Town of Stony Point Supervisor and Board (Geoff Finn,
              Karl Javenes, Tom Basile, James Monahan, Jim White); Sons of the American Revolution-
              Stony Point Chapter: Barry Brooks, President; Stony Point Historical Society: Susan Filgueras,
              President; Genealogical Society of Rockland County: Les Baisley and Marie Koestler
2014     Joy and John Macy, for the Bluefield Farm Barn (formerly Blauvelt Amos Barn), Blauvelt

Artisan for craftsmen, such as tinsmiths, masons, carpenters, and finishers, who use traditional materials and methods in the preservation process:

George B. Turrell (1952-2011), AchterCol, for historic barn preservation
2003     Thomas Finsterwald, Orangeburg, stained glass artist and artisan  
2004     Bear Mountain State Park (PIPC) for Bear Mountain Merry-Go-Round and Pavilion

* Historic Preservation Merit Awards were not given in 2020-2022 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 


Rockland County Legislators should preserve the County's heritage, through advocacy, public events and programs that publicize information about the county's history and foster appreciation for its historic architecture.

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